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Superior acceleration at a touch of the throttle

Castrol POWER1 is our cutting edge product that promises THRILL.

It is designed to deliver thrill by giving superior acceleration at a touch of the throttle


Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T with Race Derived Technology™ provides ultimate acceleration & performance for extreme riding.

For high performance 4-stroke sports bikes. Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T, is full synthetic engine oil with Race Derived Technology™ is specifically designed for bikers who love the exhilaration of riding on the limit. 'Race Derived Technology™' is based on Castrol's long and successful racing association that helps oil to flow fast and stay strong, reducing internal engine friction even under the most arduous riding condition. It has been tested and proven to deliver exceptional acceleration in race track conditions, thereby providing ultimate acceleration.


Castrol POWER1 4T with Power Release Technology™ optimises friction and enables you to accelerate faster.

Suitable for all makes 4-stroke motorcycles. Castrol POWER1 4T, a synthetic engine oil with Power Release Technology™ is designed specifically for bikers who love the exhilaration of riding.

Up to 30% of motorcycle’s power is lost due to friction without you knowing it. Castrol POWER1 4T has been tested and proven to boosts the performance of the motorcycle and deliver superior acceleration.  Power Release Technology™ helps to flows fast and reduces internal engine losses due to friction.


Castrol POWER1 Scooter 4-AT with Scootek Technology™ proven to  reduce friction at high temperatures, helping deliver Superior Acceleration.

Suitable for 4-stroke automatic bikes of all manufacturers where API SL & below and JASO MB specifications are recommended. Castrol POWER1 Scooter 4-AT consist of both full synthetic and synthetic engine oil are designed specifically for scooter owners who love the exhilaration of riding. Scooter engines can run up to 1500C hotter compared to motorcycles. Castrol’s Scootek Technology™ provides defence against the high temperatures seen in scooter engines and reduces internal engine losses to friction, ensuring uncompromised performance protection.  


Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 4T with Power Sustain Technology™ manages heat and friction in big bikes, ensuring continuous power delivery.

Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 4T is a synthetic engine oil designed specifically to suit long riding conditions. Big Bikes may encounter sluggish during long rides as heat and friction can rob the engine power when the oil thicken due to oxidation. Power Sustain Technology™ provides continuous power delivery through its excellent ability to resist oxidation at high temperatures, thereby offering on-demand acceleration when a biker needs it the most.


Castrol POWER1 2T with Clean Burn Formula provides long lasting performance.

For 2-stroke motorcycles.

Castrol POWER1 2T with Clean Burn Formula provides long lasting performance. It keeps the key engine components clean and free from carbon deposits, ensures low level of exhaust smoke. It protects from seizure under most arduous riding conditions and allows for fast & easy cold start.