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Whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle, there's a Castrol® branded oil that has been liquid engineered for just about every make and model.


What's the right brand of oil for your car or motorcycle? Well, we believe that it should always say Castrol® on the bottle, if you want something that's more than just oil and engineered to exceed industry standards. That's because the Castrol® product range has been formulated to meet the specific needs of everything from classic cars to performance motorcycles. It’s a promise we can make because we have been developing highly engineered lubricants that satisfy both consumer and vehicle manufacturer  requirements for more than 100 years. We also know that you care about the quality of the oil you put into your beloved bike and cherished automobile. So whatever, wherever and however you drive, there's a Castrol® brand that's exactly right for you and your ride.

Castrol® EDGE®

Castrol® EDGE® is our strongest brand of motor oil. It's a full synthetic that has been liquid engineered to meet the demands of today's high-pressure engines. In fact, its Titanium Technology means that it's three times stronger against viscosity breakdown than other leading synthetic oils. So even if your OEM doesn't demand a full synthetic oil, you can be assured that Castrol® EDGE® will give your car's engine the best possible protection.


Castrol MAGNATEC, one of Castrol’s leading engine oil brands, has been helping motorists protect their car engines for more than 20 years by offering instant protection from the moment you start. The intelligent molecules in Castrol MAGNATEC are specially formulated to cling to critical engine parts, and dramatically reduce* engine wear.

Castrol® GTX®

Whether your car runs on gas or diesel, your engine is constantly battling severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic and harsh weather. These can cause sludge to build up, robbing your engine of power, economy and ultimately its life. Castrol® GTX® is liquid engineered to resist sludge formation. It also contains premium quality base oils and anti-wear additives that help to prolong the life of your engine and minimize your oil consumption.

Castrol® TRANSMAX®

Catrol® Transmax™ is a family of transmission fluids that are liquid engineered to optimize performance and extend the life of a wide range of domestic and European, manual and automatic transmissions. A number of Transmax™ formulations include Smooth Drive Technology™ featuring active control molecules, while others include seal conditioners, cleaning agents, and additives to protect against clutch wear and restore smooth shifting.

Castrol® Power1®

Motorcyclists who live for the exhilaration of the open road and demand instant throttle response choose Castrol® Power1®. Liquid engineered in both 4-stroke and V-Twin formulations, it is tested and proven to deliver instantaneous and exciting acceleration, thanks to the fact that it flows fast in order to minimize internal engine friction. With a full synthetic formulation featuring Trizone Technology™, it is the premium choice for every spirited rider.

Castrol Activ

Castrol® Activ®

Castrol® Activ® is uniquely formulated with Actibond™ particles that cling to motorcycle engine components even after the engine has been switched off. This means that vital components are protected against friction from the second you start the engine, reducing wear by up to 70%. Its part synthetic formulation also helps to protect your engine from high temperature carbon deposits, enabling your bike to deliver optimal performance for longer.

Castrol® Go!®

Castrol® Go!® is the go-to brand for motorcycles that need a full mineral oil formulation. While it is liquid engineered to be our most affordable motorcycle oil, it delivers all the benefits of Trizone Technology™ in both 4-Cycle and 2-Cycle formulations. This means protecting three critical areas of your engine at all times: to reduce wear, absorb contaminants, prevent deposit formation, improve starting and reduce exhaust smoke.