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LubeCon System Inc. began as a manufacturer of industrial lubricants in 1976 by company founder Buck Myers. LubeCon has grown from a lubricant manufacturer to turnkey supplier of lubrication equipment, lubricants, and field service representatives. LubeCon has been recognized as the leading lubricant, service, and lubrication equipment manufacturer for many years. This was recognized by Castrol Industrial which acquired LubeCon in 1999 to complement their industrial lubricants division.

Since the acquisition of LubeCon by Castrol, the company has been able to expand due to the large diversity of Castrol lubricants and services. LubeCon’s commitment to its customers is shown through the company’s philosophy of supplying the best lubricants, equipment and service.


Why LubeCon

Commitment: Our company’s philosophy is built around the idea of serving our customers with the best lubricants, equipment, and service available. We are committed to bringing our customers cost effective solutions for their lubrication needs. Our service commitment has resulted in repeat business, referrals and long-term relationships with thousands of companies world wide. 


Experience: LubeCon employs some of the most skilled and experienced service representative, engineers, manufacturers, and customer care personnel in the industry.  We are experts in the lubrication field from conveyors, spray systems, ovens, chain wear analysis, grease systems, cleaners, and many more applications. Our expertise allows our customers to rely on LubeCon as their sole provider of lubricant, equipment and service.


Dependability: When you choose LubeCon products you choose a brand that is recognized worldwide. We provide the most reliable lubricants, service and equipment in the business. We create pioneering technologies that allow us to save customers money and down time. Our LubeCon service representatives are located throughout North America to assist with any questions, equipment installations, or lubricant needs.


HSSE & Safety: Castrol's commitment to safety is our number one goal. Whether it is manufacturing our equipment, lubricants, service calls, or plant survey's. Our employees understand the commitment to safety and use it throughout their daily schedule. We instill a safe practice mentality at Castrol that our customers can see and value whether we are onsite providing service's or in the products we sell.