Castrol RX Super Turbo


Castrol RX Super Turbo is a mixed fleet diesel engine oil especially designed to provide excellent protection to fleets containing vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. It is a truly versatile product which can be used in Bharat III and Bharat IV* trucks, buses and off road vehicles
Castrol RX Super Turbo API CI 4 Plus offers:
  • "Dispersol Molecules" providing outstanding soot handling capability leading to longer engine life
  • Maintain oil viscosity throug h the usage of shear stable polymer
  • Excellent wear and deposit control thereby reducing maintenance costs and preventing unscheduled downtime
*Not suitable for use in Bharat IV vehicles requiring low SAPS lubricants
Available in 1 l, 15 l, 50 l, 210 l packs 


API CI 4 Plus
Exclusively Recommended for all Tata commercial vehicles fitted with BS III Cummins engines 
Castrol RX Super Turbo with Dispersol Molecules offers: 
  • Excellent power and soot handling capability
  • Increases the life of the engine
The Dispersol molecules ensure that the combustion particles remain non-clustered and are absorbed by the engine oil thereby preventing premature wear, oil thickening and early fouling of Aftertreatment devices resulting in enhanced engine life
Castrol RX Super Turbo is recommended upto 40,000 Km drain interval*
*Please refer to OE service manual for drain interval of specific vehicle types