Castrol CRB Plus

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CRB Plus

Long and Healthy Engine Life


Castrol CRB Plus is premium multigrade Diesel Engine Oil. Castrol CRB Plus 20W40 CH-4 is recommended by Castrol for use in all naturally aspirated diesel engines fitted in trucks, tractors, buses, goods carrier (LCVs), off highway equipment, 3-wheelers and gensets. Castrol CRB Plus 15W40 CI-4 Plus is recommended by Castrol for use in all turbo charged diesel engines fitted in tractors and agricultural equipments.

Consumer Benefits

Castrol CRB Plus with specially engineered DurashieldTM Boosters gives you up to twice the engine life* compared to other oil**

Castrol CRB Plus 20W40 CH-4 gives you up to 400 Hours of Protection# and Castrol CRB Plus 15W40 CI-4 Plus gives you up to 600 Hours of Protection##.

The main causes of damage in modern engines are abrasive wear, deposits and corrosion. Castrol CRB Plus with DurashieldTM Boosters actively fights the main causes of engine damage to deliver superior protection by

  1. Preventing the agglomeration of soot as well removing harmful soot particles from metal surfaces.
  2. Providing a protective film around moving metal surfaces which resists break down even under difficult conditions, maintain the film layer.
  3. Delivering improved deposit and corrosion protection by resisting thermal breakdown of oil, and by neutralizing harmful acids.
*Based on time between camshaft rebuilds in a severe engine test.

**Test oil of equivalent performance level not containing DurashieldTM Boosters.

#Protection up to 400 hours in tractors tested under normal conditions. Please refer to the OEM service manual for specific vehicle type.

## Protection for up to 600 hours ODI in tractors under normal agriculture conditions. Protection for up to 350 hours ODI in tractors tested under other conditions. Please refer to OEM service manual for exact oil drain intervals for specific type applications. Regular oil condition monitoring through oil drain interval is recommended.


SAE 20W40 / 15W40


API CH-4 / CI-4 Plus

Packs available

Castrol CRB Plus 20W40 CH-4: 210l, 50l, 20l, 10l, 7.5l, 5l, 3l, 1, 500ml

Castrol CRB Plus 15W40 CI-4 Plus: 10l, 7.5l, 1