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Castrol has always been at the forefront of up-skilling and encouraging the unsung heroes of the nation- the mechanics. With an aim to give the mechanic community the recognition and stature they deserve, we launched ‘Castrol Super Mechanic Contest’ - India’s largest mechanic testing and skilling platform, in 2017. The contest is held in 8 regions across India for mechanics, where national winners earned an opportunity to represent India at the Castrol Asia’s Best Mechanic Contest held each year and contested between 7 countries (including India). This year, the second edition of the contest started on a high note where over 15 lakh calls were placed and over 1 lakh mechanics registered to participate.

Through the Castrol Super Mechanic contest we hope to strengthen our bond with car and bike mechanics and help them get the recognition they truly deserve.

This year marks another key milestone as we launch ‘Castrol Garage Guru – The Super Mechanic Show’, through which our mechanics will be seen on Indian television for the first time!

The show will be hosted by Bollywood celebrity Jimmy Sheirgill who makes his television debut through this show. The TV series focuses on the lives of mechanics in India and tracks their transformation into Super Mechanics throughout their journey in the contest.

The show is produced by BBC Studios, and will air weekly on Zee Anmol from September 30th 2018 every Sunday at 10.30 pm


An exciting journey of 6 months comes to an end with the finale of Castrol Super Mechanics contest for Bikes on 7th October 2018, where Ratan Khanda, Joseph Peter Rajakumar and Ravish Siddegowda from Team Bengaluru won the prestigious title of ‘Castrol Super Mechanic for Bikes’. It was a proud moment to cherish and celebrate not only for the mechanics but for the entire Super Mechanic team.


The search for India’s Super Mechanics for Bikes began in June 2018 in India’s Top 8 cities. At the national finaleTeam Bengaluru excelled and were declared as the winners. They won against their counterparts from Jaipur and Delhi. The hard-work and efforts put in by the mechanics in this journey saw an enthralling end and the winners now get an opportunity to represent India at the Castrol Asia Pacific Bikes Super Mechanic contest 2018 to be held in Bangkok in November 2018.

Castrol Super Mechanic contest has not only played a pivotal role in enhancing the skill-sets of mechanics in a competitive environment, but has also given them an excellent opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and learn through various educational interventions. The nation-wide contest provided a public platform to the mechanics to showcase their talent and the Asia-Pacific contest is the next step ahead in giving them the much-needed and deserving recognition.



Inspiring stories of India’s Super Mechanic – Part 1

Passion, determination and focus are words that truly describe, Sachin Tiwari, the winner of our Castrol Super Mechanic Contest for Cars, 2018.
Born and raised in a middle-class family in Kalyan, Mumbai, Sachin had decided on his career path from the early age of 13. A fun game like guessing the name of the cars basis their logo which Sachin played with his childhood friends helped him discover his true calling. After his schooling, he decided to pursue his Diploma in Automobile studies.

His parents and brother were supportive of his decision, as they knew that this is something he wished to pursue ever since he was a young boy. His first job was with a leading Automobile company in 2010 and since then there was no stopping him.

He started as a helper who would only assist other seniors. However, he knew that his role was not helping him fulfil his potential. That’s when he decided to change things for himself, and with determined focus and persistent hard work learned the nuts and bolts on his own. His passion and hard work paid off when one of the seniors from his company promoted him to the position of ‘Technical Manager’, something that he always wanted to achieve. This was his stepping stone to success.

From helper to Technical Manager, his journey has not been easy but with determination and diligence, he was able to conquer all roadblocks. He added one more feather to his cap when he started his own garage in 2015. Today, he runs a successful business and is content with his progress. 

Sachin is an explorer and a learner. His passion towards cars and the zeal to learn more brought him to the Castrol Super Mechanic contest. His knowledge and 8 years’ worth of experience helped him win the Mumbai National round while also securing a place in the National finale. He is now gearing to represent India at the Asia- Pacific finale to be held in Malaysia.

Recalling his journey and achievement, Sachin says, “My journey of 8 years has been very interesting and I am happy with the way my career is progressing. The opportunity Castrol gave us is huge. I never thought that a Mechanic can be the talk of the town and be recognised for his efforts and hard work, but Castrol made it possible for us. I am excited to now take my experience to the next level and make India proud in the Asia- Pacific finale. Lastly, I would like to recommend the contest to every Mechanic out there, as the exposure and knowledge you get here should not be missed.”


For Sunil Dhopatkar, winner of Castrol Super Mechanic Contest for Cars, 2018, his journey of being a mechanic started within the family.

Born and raised in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Sunil is the eldest amongst the three sons. At a young age, he shifted to Mumbai to stay with his uncle and completed his schooling in Mumbai. Back then, his uncle was employed in one of India’s leading automobile company and that is when Sunil’s interest in cars started growing. He had found his true calling. He decided to follow his uncle’s footsteps and started training with him.

Initially, the practice was limited in the four walls of the house with his uncle. But as time went by and his interest grew, Sunil decided to join a garage and begin his career. His first job was in 1998, and since then there is no looking back for him.

Having worked for almost 20 years and with a rich experience, Sunil owes his success to his uncle, who not only introduced him to the world of cars but also supported him in his journey. Today, he stays with his wife and 2 children, who admire their father for his knowledge, hard work and aim to walk on his footsteps. It is his family who encouraged him to participate in Castrol Super Mechanic Contest and as they say, rest is all history.

Recalling his journey and achievement, our winner says, “Castrol Super Mechanic was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I feel like my hard work of 20 years has finally paid off. I cannot thank Castrol enough for educating us with the latest technology, as we hardly got time to upgrade ourselves. The things I learnt, will not only help me improve my skills but also have a positive impact on my business. Lastly, I would like to thank my uncle who introduced me to the world of mechanics and my wife and kids who are my constant support.”


“Where there is a will, there is a way”. This saying holds true for Manish Kumar Sharma, winner of Castrol Super Mechanic Contest for Cars, 2018. Born in Uttar Pradesh, 25 year old Manish has come a long way. Today, he is all smiles and proud of his achievements. But there was a time when the road to future was unclear and filled with obstacles.

With a dream to succeed academically, Manish completed his schooling and went on to complete his higher secondary education in Science stream. But life took a turn when he had to make the hard

decision of leaving college mid-way to care for his ailing father and take over his family’s responsibility. Not certain of a career path, he began working in a hair-cut salon so the family could meet ends. But that was not his calling and he soon realized it. His fascination towards cars got him to visit a near-by garage and the rest as we say is history. His journey as a mechanic began in Madhya Pradesh and the zeal and enthusiasm to learn and grow in the field brought him to Mumbai. It’s been four years now that he has been living his dream in the City of Dreams. Although unsure in the beginning, his family is happy with his career choice and support him in all his decisions.

His seven year-long journey was filled with ups and downs, but it was time to leave all the hard days behind and walk towards the road of success when he decided to enter the Castrol Super Mechanic contest for Cars. He participated in the Mumbai regional round and qualified for Top 10. His performance helped him not only win a place in the Top 6 but also in the Top 3 teams competing in the finale. In a nail biting finale, his team won both, many hearts and the trophy. He will now be representing India at the Asia Pacific Super Mechanic Contest for Cars.

Recalling his win and journey our winner says, “This is like a dream come true for me. From a small town in Uttar Pradesh to winning this prestigious title in Mumbai, it’s been a journey to cherish. I would say that I have just started towards the road of success and Castrol is playing an important role by supporting me. My hard work has paid off and I am happy about the way my career is shaping. I am excited and ready to take the next big jump where I get a chance to represent my country at Asia Pacific Super Mechanic Contest for Cars.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family who have been my constant support.”


Dharmesh Sharma, winner of Super Mechanic 2017 Castrol’s annual mechanics’ competition held across Asia describes the competition as a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade technical skills and improve career prospects. The competition served as the perfect launchpad for Dharmesh to upgrade skills and solve issues faster with evolved technology. Today, learnings from Super Mechanic contest have helped Dharmesh evolve his capabilities in turn having a positive impact on his business. Dharmesh was chosen to represent Rajasthan along with his teammates and together they won the contest.

Here is what Super Mechanic Dharmesh has to say, “It is quite inexplicable to summarize my experience in meeting mechanics from different backgrounds from various parts of Asia through Super Mechanic. Today Super Mechanic, in several ways has given me the opportunity to widen my horizons with new skills acquired, the opportunity to travel, learn, make new friends and evolve”.



Coming from a village where women do not leave their home without a veil covering their head, Poonam Singh from Timakiya village, Meerut has fought her way out to make a name in a male dominated industry. From joining ITI to being awarded as the first Indian Lady who completed ITI in UP, Poonam has come a really long way.
From gaining academic lessons from ITI in the morning and then working in a garage the whole day, Akash Bogati is someone who represents the next generation. He is leaving no stone unturned to be technically sound in electricals as he believes that it is the need of the future ahead. Hailing from Nepal, this 19 year old has surely set his eyes on his bright future.
Gulsair Ali, a mechanic from New Delhi, who has earned great recognition for his work with a rich experience of 12 years.
He credits his wife for being his spine throughout his difficult journey.
The couple now works in the same garage and have a daughter who is extremely proud of her parents achievements and profession.
Zakir Hussain, Rajasthan represented India at the Castrol Asia Pacific Mechanic Contest of 2017 in Thailand. His passion and dedication helped him fight against the odds to not only earn his father’s respect but also the title of 'bike doctor' in his hometown.
Castrol Super Mechanic contest is an exciting journey where mechanics get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talent on a public platform, where their skills are honed in the process.
Castrol Super Mechanic contest is an exciting journey where mechanics get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talent on a public platform, where their skills are honed in the process.