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  6. Castrol MAGNATEC launches new brand campaign with a unique take on engine wear

Castrol MAGNATEC launches new brand campaign with a unique take on engine wear

Mumbai, 25 March 2022: Castrol MAGNATEC, India’s leading engine oil brand for cars, has launched its latest ad campaign illustrating the brand’s superior protection that reduces engine wear by 50 percent1. The campaign showcases the new BS-VI ready range of Castrol MAGNATEC engine oils for cars and SUVs.


Castrol MAGNATEC delivers non-stop protection from every start of the engine, enabled by technology that makes oil molecules cling to the components and lock with each other to form a force-field of protection. The new campaign brings out this benefit by showing awkward situations that car users could get into if their car isn’t serviced with Castrol MAGNATE.


Castrol has launched two ad films for its new campaign: one focused on family audiences, and the other on millennials and the rapidly growing segment of SUV owners. The new Castrol MAGNATEC campaign goes live this week across TV and digital platforms.


Speaking about the campaign launch, Jaya Jamrani, Vice President - Marketing, Castrol India, said, “We understand that while consumers love their cars and enjoy the comfortable rides, they don’t necessarily connect with the technological feat that occurs under the hood, particularly the stress that car engines go through with every start. With our new campaign, we want to bring consumers closer to this problem of engine wear and communicate how Castrol MAGNATEC could be the perfect solution."


The all-new range of Castrol MAGNATEC is available in four variants: 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-30 and 5W-40 meeting automotive OEMs’ recommendations for thinner-grade lubricants such as 0W or 5W. The 0W-16 variant is India’s first 0W-16 engine oil for retail aftermarkets and is certified with the most advanced API-SP specifications. Each of these variants are based on Castrol’s unique DUALOCK technology that reduces engine wear by half.


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1 Tested versus the sequence IV A API SN wear limit and CEC OM646LA ACEA wear limit