Castrol India announces 3Q and 9M 2019 results, 9M PAT up 12%

Mumbai, 23 October 2019


Continued progress consistent with strategy

  • Inked strategic partnership with Honda 2Wheelers India
  • Enrolled over 1.5 lakh mechanics and retailers on Castrol Fast Scan - a unique digital incentive platform
  • Unveiled Carbon Neutral sustainability solutions for customers

Robust financial delivery

  • 3Q and 9M increase in profit from operations and Profit Before Tax
  • Personal Mobility volumes at similar level as last year
Omer Dormen, Managing Director - Castrol India Limited: 
“Our 3Q 2019 result underlines a resilient performance despite an extremely challenging environment with declining industrial production levels and muted consumer offtake. Our sustained efforts on our strategic drivers including product mix improvement and rigorous efficiency programmes helped us to successfully manage the short-term adverse conditions and still deliver a profitable growth for the third quarter as well as the first nine months. 

In this quarter, we continued making strong progress on strategic partnerships and unique service offerings for our customers. 

We are excited about our first two-wheeler OEM-endorsed Castrol brand for the retail market with Honda 2 Wheelers India. A new range of Castrol Activ lubricants was launched exclusively for Honda’s ever-growing family of over 40 million happy customers. 

Castrol Fast Scan, a unique digital reward and payment platform for the mechanic and retailer community, has crossed 1.5 lakh registrations opening a potential avenue for collaboration with other corporates looking to reach similar stakeholders in a seamless, transparent manner. 

In line with our goal to transition to a low carbon environment, we launched our industry first Castrol Certified Carbon Neutral programme enabling our customers to reduce as well as offset their carbon footprint in support of their sustainability agenda. The first Carbon Neutral car dealership was inaugurated in Bangalore which has offset 100% of its operating emissions across all its 12 sales and service locations.

I am delighted that we continue to put in place building blocks for the future while looking to create significant differentiation in the market and add value to our customers.”


  • Personal mobility continues to be a strategic growth driver especially in two- wheelers
  • Margin improvement through better product mix
  • Focus on cost competitiveness through strategic sourcing, procurement and manufacturing efficiencies


  • Partnership with leading 2Wheeler OEM in India - Honda 2Wheelers India
  • Castrol Fast Scan - a robust digital reward management system announced
  • Continued investment in distribution expansion, brands, customer experience through technology and advocacy


  • Profit from Operations up by 6% @ Rs 226 crores in 3Q 2019 and up by 7% @ Rs 760 crores in 9M 2019 compared to the same period in the previous year
  • Profit after tax up by 25% at Rs 188 crores in 3Q 2019 and up by 12% at Rs 556 crores in 9M 2019 compared to the same period in the previous year.