Castrol Super Mechanic Contest

Castrol has always been at the forefront of up-skilling and encouraging the unsung heroes of the nation- the mechanics. With an aim to give the mechanic community the recognition and stature they deserve, we launched ‘Castrol Super Mechanic Contest’ - India’s largest mechanic testing and skilling platform, in 2017. The contest is held in 8 regions across India for mechanics, where national winners earned an opportunity to represent India at the Castrol Asia’s Best Mechanic Contest held each year and contested between 7 countries (including India). This year, the second edition of the contest started on a high note where over 15 lakh calls were placed and over 1 lakh mechanics registered to participate. 
Through the Castrol Super Mechanic contest we hope to strengthen our bond with car and bike mechanics and help them get the recognition they truly deserve.

Our technical experts guiding the way

Participating mechanics showcasing their skills

Having fun while learning

Winners make their way to the India Finale

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Mechanic to Super Mechanic in 4 months

Dharmesh Sharma, winner of Super Mechanic 2017 Castrol’s annual mechanics’ competition held across Asia describes the competition as a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade technical skills and improve career prospects. The competition served as the perfect launchpad for Dharmesh to upgrade skills and solve issues faster with evolved technology. Today, learnings from Super Mechanic contest have helped Dharmesh evolve his capabilities in turn having a positive impact on his business. Dharmesh was chosen to represent Rajasthan along with his teammates and together they won the contest.

Here is what Super Mechanic Dharmesh has to say, “It is quite inexplicable to summarize my experience in meeting mechanics from different backgrounds from various parts of Asia through Super Mechanic. Today Super Mechanic, in several ways has given me the opportunity to widen my horizons with new skills acquired, the opportunity to travel, learn, make new friends and evolve”.
Zakir Hussain, Rajasthan represented India at the Castrol Asia Pacific Mechanic Contest of 2017 in Thailand. His passion and dedication helped him fight against the odds to not only earn his father’s respect but also the title of 'bike doctor' in his hometown.
Castrol Super Mechanic contest is an exciting journey where mechanics get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talent on a public platform, where their skills are honed in the process.
Rafiq Mohammed, regional round winner from Jaipur describes the contest as a life changing opportunity. He says,” The training session organized by Castrol taught me not just how to fix bikes but also how to be safe while doing so. I am delighted with my victory and hope that my hard work and dedication will help me succeed in the all India final as well.”