Castrol’s partnership with Tata Motors dates back to 1985, with the Tata approval of Castrol CRD for Tata trucks. Over the last three decades, Castrol and Tata Motors have worked closely together to develop products best suited to meet the specific requirements of Tata customers in the commercial as well as passenger car segments.  

Castrol India’s relationships with its partners is built around the philosophy of its founder - Charles Cheers Wakefield, who firmly believed that success for Castrol would best be achieved in partnership with his customers. This is a philosophy that was as successful then, as it is today for Castrol across the world.

Over the years, Castrol’s partnership with Tata Motors has evolved from a supplier – customer relationship to a true partnership model, with both companies working together to deliver products and services best suited to meet the requirements of Tata Motors’ customers and consumers. The initiatives which reflect this partnership, include co-engineering of products, safety and skill enhancement.

Co-engineering products

Commencing with the co-engineering of a special oil – Castrol GTX Professional Compact for the Tata Nano, the two companies worked together to deliver an engine oil which suited the specific requirements of the smaller engine of the Tata Nano. [insert some information on the development of the oil – the work that went on at Pangbourne, testing etc]. In addition, the two companies have also worked closely to develop Castrol Magnatec Professional T5W/30 for Revetron engines used in Tata Zest and Bolt cars and the most recently launched Tiago.

Castrol Vecton RX Fuel Saver is another example of a co-engineered product designed to increase the fuel efficiency of Tata trucks by 3%. This product was specifically developed to reduce the overall diesel consumption as well as reduce operating cost for truckers. Launched in 2015 at the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship and used in all trucks participating in this event, Castrol Vecton RX has been exclusively approved for use in the new 1000 bhp engine unveiled by Tata Motors at this year’s T1 Prima Championship.


Safety: Safety is a core value for Castrol and we provide strong support to Tata Motors as they strive to promote safety within Tata Motors franchised workshops. In 2013 the two companies collaborated to create a safety manual aimed at improving safety in the workshops. Both companies also have strong programmes in place to promote driving safety amongst truckers.

Knowledge and skill development

Castrol’s position as one of the world’s leading lubricant manufacturer and marketer, specially known for its pioneering technology, made it the obvious partner of choice for Tata Motors when it came to enhancing knowledge about lubricants amongst its employees and customers. In 2011, Castrol set up the first Castrol Learning Centre at the Tata Training Centre in Pune, India, with the objective of providing latest knowledge and information about lubricant trends and technologies.


The companies took yet another step forward with the launch of a Skillfest programme aimed at enhancing skills and motivation of Tata Franchised Workshop Service Advisors. Starting as an Indian event, this programme has now gone global, covering 26 countries in which Tata Motors is present. As part of the contest, participants are assessed on workshop process, vehicle diagnostics, soft skills and safety awareness and also get to know about the latest trends and technologies.


Given Castrol’s strong association with motorsports for over a century and its equally strong relationship with Tata Motors, the company was one of the first partners to sign up as sponsor for T1 Prima Truck Racing championship – considered the F1 of truck racing in India. Castrol is the exclusive supplier of lubricants for all participating trucks ever since the inception of the event in 2014. Castrol has dominated the championship so far, winning two out of the three editions of the event. The two companies are also exploring  to participate in the European Truck Racing Championship this year.


Building on this strong partnership in India, Castrol and Tata Motors signed a three-year strategic partnership agreement in early 2017 for supply of Commercial Vehicle Oils to Tata Motors globally. The agreement covers over 50 markets including SAARC and ASEAN region, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Latin America. As Tata Motors expand their international footprint, Castrol with its established presence in these markets, will support Tata Motors’ channel partners with high quality products and services to enhance their market share and profitability.