Castrol Sarathi Mitra

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Truck drivers lead a tough and demanding life. They spend days and nights on the road away from their families, driving for long hours, on difficult terrains and challenging road and driving conditions. They also have a responsibility to deliver cargo on time; safely. All this can be taxing not only on their physical health but also on their emotional well-being. Most truck drivers lack appropriate formal training, and many times cleaners transition to truck driving. We believe that holistic interventions could help bridge the gap for skilled, knowledgeable and safe truck drivers.

Additionally skills such as entrepreneurship, business management, customer service and financial literacy will enable them to earn a sustainable livelihood and live a life with pride. 

With this moto, the Castrol Sarathi Mitra programme was launched in 2017.  The programme aims at holistically improving lives of truck drivers through interventions that enable a sustainable livelihood and opportunities for socio-economic growth. The interventions that are provided under the programme include: 
(1) road safety training 
(2) financial literacy training and 
(3) eye checks with distribution of corrective glasses.  
The pilot programme was launched in Bhiwandi in January 2017 and in the first year of implementation reached to more than 30000 truck drivers across 5 states of India. 

The programme aims to train 150,000 truck drivers by 2020.