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Since 1906, our business has developed around a passion for supporting pioneers and record breakers on land, water and in the air. Today we sponsor some of the world's most successful motorsport teams.

Castrol Motorsport Partners

The finish line is just the beginning

Motorsport has always been the beating heart upon which Castrol thrives, but we do not merely supply racing teams - we stand alongside our partners in a mutual quest for higher performance.


We work in synchronicity with teams and engineers so that Castrol products are considered as crucial as any other key component on any vehicle competing on track. 


Renault DP World F1

Formula 1 is the ultimate proving ground. Fiercely contested among the world’s best racing drivers, designers, engineers and automotive giants, it is the iconic pinnacle of motorsport.


It is why manufacturers identify it as the perfect arena to demonstrate technical innovation. In 2020, Renault DP World F1 Team has assembled a fantastic team from across the sport that includes multiple Grand Prix winning driver Daniel Ricciardo and rising star Esteban Ocon, as well as world championship-winning Technical Director (Chassis) Pat Fry.


This pursuit of excellence is the inspiration behind Castrol’s partnership with Renault DP World F1 Team. Together we strive to win against the toughest opposition.


Modern F1 engines are incredibly sophisticated. Only three 1600cc turbo-charged hybrid units may be used by each car per 22-race season, while the internal combustion units rev to 15,000rpm and produce more than 700bhp. So, in an environment where success and failure are measured in milliseconds, marginal gains are critical.


Castrol has a team of dedicated engineers embedded in the Renault DP World F1 Team. They work in partnership with the engineers to blend bespoke ultra-low viscosity lubricants, such as Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR, which must be strong enough to protect these engines from the phenomenal forces at work while reducing the friction that saps crucial power.


But once the oil is deployed in the R.S.20, Castrol’s mobile trackside support continues its work analysing its performance, monitoring quality control and the health of the Renault E-Tech 20 power unit’s components.


This insight allows us to develop lubricants for your car whilst proudly assisting Renault DP World F1 Team in its quest to be world champions.

Castrol is a vital partner for the Renault DP World F1 Team. Just as in all other components on a racing car, performance is there to be harnessed and maximised. Through its bespoke lubricants Castrol is contributing a crucial part to ensure this from the engine and gearbox. Equally to have trackside support provides a critical element of our information flow through a race weekend, giving us instant insight into our engine’s behaviour and health on track.Rémi TaffinRenault DP World F1 Team - Technical Director (Engine)


The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is the world’s fastest touring car series. Technical in nature and featuring powerful, sophisticated ‘silhouette’ racing cars from premium manufacturers, the ‘DTM’ is strictly regulated to ensure close competition on the track.


In this environment, every detail makes a difference and Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR provides just such an advantage to Audi.


This year, nine Audi RS 5 DTMs will feature bespoke two-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged power units. These carry more relevance to roadgoing saloon cars than their predecessors prior to rule changes in 2019, which means that every step of the car’s on-going development programme has fed essential knowledge to Castrol’s engineers. Knowledge that goes into the development of road car lubricants.


Audi’s DTM turbo engine produces 610bhp, and revs to 9,500rpm at gearchange. Precision lubrication engineering is required to manage the resultant higher torque loads and vibration behaviour of the 85kg engine. Friction must also be limited in order to minimise energy loss, thus improving fuel efficiency and weight performance.


And, of course, Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR must help protect these engines, which lasts a full season of racing – that’s 6000km of high performance running – providing the perfect opportunity to test and improve Castrol products in a sustained demanding environment.

Castrol always delivers solutions of lubricants at great speed. Castrol has own test methods and means to reproduce the challenge we have and solve it with a limited number of variants.Christian SchneiderEngineer DTM

LCR Honda Castrol

LCR Honda Castrol

Right from the very first Isle of Man TT in 1907, Castrol has been at the leading edge of competitive motorcycle racing. In fact, over the years, many of the most famous races’ winners used Castrol oil.


Over the glory years of Norton and Gilera in the 1950s, to the beginning of an extraordinary relationship with Honda in 1958, Castrol pioneered new technologies. And, as the engines became ever more sophisticated through the Japanese motorcycle revolution that ultimately led to the boom in four-stroke technology, Castrol was right there developing oils and lubricants that could master this new science.


And as the premier MotoGP and World Superbike classes of the sport have evolved, and the engine capacities expanded from 350 to 1000, Castrol has remained a key player, supporting the legendary riders and teams that glorified each era.


In 2020, Castrol partners the LCR Honda Castrol MotoGP team, which runs a Honda RC213V 280bhp 1000cc V4 motorcycle for British ace and MotoGP race-winner Cal Crutchlow in the FIM MotoGP World Motorcycle Championship.


And only this long and glorious legacy on the track could have given us the insight to develop Castrol’s POWER1 lubricants developed especially for motorcycle.


Panasonic Jaguar Racing Formula E Team

ABB FIA Formula E is all about the future of e-mobility. Our collective understanding of how we use energy in the next generation of road-going vehicles is being driven by the technological developments made in the world’s fastest all-electric series right now.


To be successful in Formula E means harvesting and deploying energy for high performance competition in the most efficient way through battery power and energy regeneration.


To do this requires sophisticated electric motors that run at significantly more revolutions than traditional combustion engines, and advanced high-friction gearboxes that operate at extremely hot temperatures. All of these need specially-developed E-fluids that can perform effectively in unique and extreme conditions, but are also compatible with components that conduct electricity.


Formula E therefore provides the perfect environment for Castrol to collaborate, learn and win on the track while continuing to develop its advanced technology and E-fluids for today’s electric vehicles as well as those that will define the future of the automotive world.


In 2020, the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Formula E Team is using Castrol’s advanced e-fluids onboard the Jaguar I-TYPE 4, building on a long and successful motorsport partnership that includes glory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

To constantly improve our performance on the track, we need the best partners developing, advancing and working alongside us. Castrol’s innovative automotive lubricants are already benefiting the team, so of course we are delighted to be racing together in Season 6 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.James BarclayPanasonic Jaguar Racing Team Director


Volkswagen Motorsport

The pioneering spirit is endemic to motorsport, just as is the need to go faster. Pushing the boundaries of engineering and being at the cutting edge of technological performance are the principles that inspired Castrol to engage in motorsport 100 years ago, just as they are today when it stands side-by-side with partners like Volkswagen Motorsport.


As Volkswagen Motorsport´s official partner, Castrol’s EDGE Supercar oils and lubricants are used to develop its highly successful customer competition platforms. These include the Polo GTI R5 rally car and the Polo GTI WRX Supercar which won the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship and will be once again campaigned in 2020 by double-world champion Johan Kristoffersson.


As well as this, Castrol has played a vital role in the Volkswagen ID.R programme, the fastest and perhaps most advanced example of next-generation racing machinery on Earth.


Built as a role model for the electromotive industry the ID.R is an all-electric-powered, four-wheel drive racing thoroughbred, capable of generating 500 kW/680 PS of emission-free energy and possessing breath taking on-track performance. It has so far set the overall course record in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb (USA), the Goodwood Hill Climb (GB) and Tianmen Mountain in China.


Moreover the uncompromising performance of the ID.R, which is powered by two all-electric motors positioned at the front and rear, has allowed it to capture the lap record for electric cars on the formidable 20.8-kilometre Nürburgring Nordschleife.


All of this has been achieved using Castrol’s advanced e-fluid technology to manage the extreme conditions of high-revving electric motors and the severe friction forces through the transmission-allowing Castrol to grow our understanding of lubricant technology at the cutting edge of performance in all aspects of the new frontier of automotive development.

When you are working in new territory, and discovering new boundaries, as we are doing across out motorsport programmes, you need to be able to rely on technology partners that you can trust but that also share your passion for operating on the edge of advanced performance engineering. Castrol is our lubricant partner because it perfectly fulfils both these roles.Sven SmeetsVolkswagen Motorsport Director


M-Sport Ford

When Björn Waldegård clinched the World Rally Drivers’ Championship in 1979, he did so with Castrol emblazoned on the side of his Ford Escort RS1800. Four decades on and Sebastien Ogier did the same in an M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC in both 2017 and 2018.


As long as there have been world rally champions, Castrol has been at the cutting edge of the toughest motorsport on Earth, providing drivers and teams with technical support and ensuring they have the right oil to reach the finish line.


In 2020 Castrol EDGE will once again be there to underpin M-Sport and its three driving crews across four continents and 13 countries in the FIA World Rally Championship.


From the rugged mountains of Argentina to the icy snow banks of Sweden, the twisting rain-soaked hairpins of Japan and the heart-stopping asphalt of Sardinia, nothing tests the fundamental elements of a car to extremes like the WRC.


And with so much of it taking place on the roads we drive on, there is no other global championship that provides a better laboratory for testing the strength of Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR.


So no matter what you drive, or wherever you drive it, you can be certain that Castrol has already challenged your vehicle’s oil to the very limits of its environment.

In motorsport every tenth of a second counts and we need to extract maximum performance from every component. That’s why our partnership with Castrol is so important. With a partner like Castrol we know that we’re getting the performance, and they’re constantly striving for more. Working together with our engineers, Castrol’s expertise and attention to detail keeps us challenging for the top results.Chris WilliamsHead of Engineering at M-Sport



Petter and OIiver Solberg


Castrol has always understood the power of teamwork, and how relationships forged in the competitive environment of sport can form powerful bonds that generate phenomenal knowledge and technical understanding as they mature over time. But these connections are not formed merely with teams and manufacturers, but rather the people within them and the athletes that compete for them at the highest level.


Petter Solberg, one of only two individuals ever to become a world champion in two different FIA-governed motorsport disciplines (the 2003 World Rally Championship and the 2014 and ‘15 World Rallycross Championship), is among Castrol’s longest-serving ambassadors. It is a relationship that has proved phenomenally successful on both sides, and continues to this day with the Solberg World Rally Team which runs a Volkswagen Polo GTI  R5 for Solberg’s son Oliver – also a Castrol ambassador.


Petter began his motorsport career in rallycross at home in Norway in the early 1990s, driving a self-developed Volvo 240 sponsored by Castrol. He went on to conquer the globe when he stepped into the WRC, winning the 2003 World Rally Championship. He returned to the WRX scene after his rallying career concluded, and went on to collect back-to-back titles with his own team in 2014 and 2015; all the while in partnership with Castrol.


Solberg retired from competition at the end 2019, taking a class victory in his final WRC event – the Rally GB F2 class – in his Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 alongside Oliver.

But as they look to the future, with Oliver planning to make his mark in the FIA WRC, the Solberg family understands the importance of a strong technical partnership and how harnessing deep understanding and clear technical developments underpin potential. Just as Castrol knows that standing by its friends is the best way to gain knowledge and results in the competitive world of motorsport.

When you have a relationship like we have with Castrol, it is like a family. It’s about the long-term relationship, and with that comes trust with what you do, and the opinions you each have. The longer the relationship, the more the trust becomes automatic. And I think that with the long experience that Castrol has, the bond we have is extraordinary. It is the best way to get the maximum out of everyone, and if you want to win, you must have the maximum.Petter Solberg


Almost as long as people have been racing cars and motorcycles, Castrol has been by their side providing vital support through our expertise in oils and lubricants. For more than 100 years, Castrol has been a lifeblood for racers of all levels, in all forms of competition, whether they be world champions or enthusiastic amateurs.


This hard-won faith in Castrol’s ability to improve performance and reliability through efficient liquid engineering remains as strong as ever through our customer support programmes and our Castrol EDGE range of lubricants.


Castrol’s reputation for expertise is founded on such relationships and the understanding that is engendered from drivers and engineers working with us on their journey through the sport.


Today, manufacturers recognise the importance of these relationships more than ever, and as such, Castrol is proud to partner with Renault Sport Racing on a long-term collaboration that gives all of its customer racing activities access to Castrol’s unique expertise, cutting-edge technologies and high-performance lubricants.


Castrol lubricants, which are already recommended for Renault customers on the road as part of its service fill engine oil partnership, now play a vital role in Formula Renault Eurocup, Clio Cup France and Clio Trophy France, as well as Clio Cup UK, Italia, Spain and Central Europe.


This new strategy means that at every level from junior and entry level racing series right up to Formula 1, Castrol is there standing alongside future champions as well as reigning ones, striving for new levels of performance and achieving fresh goals.

Castrol is an industry leader in its field with a rich heritage in motor racing at all levels. We are proud to work alongside a partner of such renown and expertise and we look forward to seeing our teams take up the challenges and explore the opportunities arising.Cyril AbiteboulRenault Sport Racing Managing Director


Roush Fenway Racing

The NASCAR Cup Series provides as tough an engineering challenge as any found in top-flight motorsports. As the pre-eminent race category in the United States, it’s based largely on oval circuits. But the racing is hard, gruelling and fiercely contested by teams and manufacturers.


Over 38 weekends, from super-fast speedways to one-mile short ovals - as well as a smattering of road tracks, the Cup Series runs to a tightly-regulated rulebook for its 6-litre, V8 powered ‘stock’ silhouette racing cars that are loosely based on street vehicles.


This leads to the super-close, incident-filled racing action, on constantly changing track conditions in races that can last for hours. These events are frequently interspersed by periods behind the pace car where the field then closes up.


All this places a premium on engineering innovation and strategic thinking, as competitors fight over miniscule performance advantages in a test of speed and endurance. It’s the perfect environment to challenge the capabilities of Castrol EDGE Supercar oils and lubricants.


Ford and Castrol have been partners for more than 100 years, so as Castrol returns to NASCAR in 2020, it’s only natural that it would do so with Ford and multiple Championship-winning team Roush Fenway Racing. Ford is a pillar of NASCAR racing, and Roush Fenway’s sister company, Roush Yates Racing Engines, has served as the Blue Oval’s established NASCAR engine-builder for decades.


This year, Roush Fenway runs two Ford Performance Mustang GTs in the NASCAR Cup Series for Ryan Newman (in the No. 6) and Chris Buescher (in the No. 17). 

When competition is as close as it is in NASCAR, you have to look for key differentiators to give you an edge. Working with a lubricants partner the caliber of Castrol, you know if there is a gain to be found, you will find it with them. In the NASCAR Cup Series, we run hard for long periods of time, and you need lubricants that are going to reduce friction and take the strain for your engine and car components. You also need to build in efficiencies that help you play the strategic opportunities to your advantage, and that’s why Castrol is vital to us.Jack RoushNASCAR Hall of Fame owner