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We are taking action by using our technology to meet customers’ needs by improving our products to help reduce emissions and improve efficiency and reliability.

Corporate Responsibility: Taking Action

Helping customers to be more sustainable

The experience and expertise we have acquired over decades inform our actions, our future plans and our belief that, to meet global climate goals improving energy efficiency is where the greatest reductions in emissions can be achieved.


Carbon neutral products

  • We have launched the world's first certified carbon neutral lubricants for cars, commercial vehicles and wind turbines as well as working with car workshops to help them make their business carbon neutral. These are certified carbon neutral and assured by EY/ERM against BSi PAS2060 specification for carbon neutrality / NCOS, National Carbon Offset Standard, Department of Environment, Australia. (Source BP Advancing Low Carbon)

Increasing the reliability of renewable energy

  • We are targeting the $1.8 bn lost through wind turbine downtime each year by developing new greases which bond with metal parts, increasing equipment life and maintenance intervals.
  • By collecting, monitoring and analysing data for over 5000 wind turbines across 30 countries to predict faults our predictive maintenance joint venture, ONYX Insights makes maintenance recommendations increasing turbine performance and reducing costs.

Reducing water usage while improving health and safety

  • We have re-engineered the chemistry of metalworking fluids. Not only does our range of XBB metalworking fluids remove boron and biocides but they are also reducing customer’s water usage, while increasing machine tool life.

More efficient Transportation

  • By reducing friction and energy losses, our lubricants help to improve the fuel economy of vehicles and can lead to significant greenhouse gas (GHG) savings based on gasoline fuel use avoided globally. (Source BP advancing low carbon)
  • The latest technology in our greases can increase the maintenance interval for earthmoving equipment in mines eight-fold, reducing both the amount of grease used and operating costs.
  • Our joint venture with Greensteam is using machine learning to help ship owners reduce their fuel bills by converting real time operational, fuel quality, weather and sea sate data into actionable advice.
  • Nexcel’s unique technology is set to revolutionise the oil change, not only reducing tailpipe emissions and introducing closed loop recycling.
  • Launching our first Bio-synthetic engine oils, Castrol EDGE Bio-synthetic and Castrol MAGNATEC Bio-synthetic, with 25% renewable plant-based oil.
  • Working with vehicle manufacturers on the transmission oils to improve the efficiency of tomorrow’s hybrid and electric vehicles.

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