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Castrol’s new YouTube channel unlocks upsell opportunities by highlighting benefits of premium lubricants

Castrol has launched a brand-new YouTube channel to provide consumers with clear and simple guidance on how best to select the right oil for their car or motorcycle

  • Nationwide survey found that 32% of UK car owners preferred a mechanic to check their vehicle’s oil level* 
  •  New YouTube channel offers clear and simple consumer ‘How to’ guides that can be easily embedded into dealer and workshop servicing websites 
  • ‘How to’ videos can be recommended by mechanics in between routine appointments, with the Castrol brand helping to build trust with consumers  


Castrol has launched a brand-new YouTube channel to provide consumers with clear and simple guidance on how best to select the right oil for their car or motorcycle. The new channel explains the benefits of using premium lubricants, enabling consumers to make more informed decisions about the engine oil they buy, and facilitating lubricant upsell opportunities for workshops. Viewers can access the new YouTube channel here:   


The new videos, which can be easily uploaded to workshop websites, help to explain the differences between various oil grades, and outlines how they have been formulated to protect engines during common driving scenarios, including stop-start traffic, high speeds, and extended mileages between servicing. Consumers can also learn about engine oil additives and the difference between synthetic and conventional oils.  


The creation of Castrol’s new YouTube channel follows recent publication of a nationwide survey into vehicle maintenance trends. Significantly for vehicle workshops, it found that 32% of car owners preferred a mechanic to check their vehicle’s oil level because they believed they would do a more effective job.  


Of those who didn’t typically check the oil level themselves, 49% said they have never checked the oil level of their car’s engine (for their current car or any previous car), while 19% didn’t know how to check the oil level of their current vehicle. Almost a third (32%) of all respondents said they’ve never topped up the engine oil for their current car or any previous car.  


Castrol recommends that oil checks are conducted monthly, but the survey found that 70% of car owners checked their vehicle’s oil level less frequently. 19% said they only check their engine oil if a warning light comes on, and only 27% of all respondents were aware that damage may already be occurring at this point.  


Castrol estimates that 21% of vehicles on European roads are currently low on oil, and 8% are at immediate risk of damage because the oil level is at or below the minimum recommended level**.  


Shailendra Gupte, Marketing Director EMEA, at Castrol said: “Our new YouTube channel has been created to inform UK drivers about the benefits of using premium quality lubricants to protect their vehicle’s engine. This unlocks the opportunity for more workshops to sell premium products to drivers who visit for routine vehicle checks and maintenance, who might otherwise opt for a cheaper alternative.”  


“Our new videos can be easily embedded into the servicing page of a dealer or workshop’s website, helping them shape understanding of premium lubricants at the booking stage. These engaging videos also offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides on basic vehicle maintenance, which can be recommended by mechanics to maintain vehicle health in between routine MOT and servicing appointments, harnessing trust in the Castrol brand***.” 




Notes to editors 

* OnePoll research – conducted among 1,000 UK car owners 

** Analysis of 1,885 cars within Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Romania 

***64% of motorists across Europe said that when it comes to a lubricants purchase, Castrol is the brand they would ‘only consider’ or ‘seriously consider’ (Kantar Millward Brown 2017)  


About Castrol  

Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands, has a proud heritage of innovation and fuelling the dreams of pioneers. Our passion for performance, combined with a philosophy of working in partnership, has enabled Castrol to develop lubricants and greases that have been at the heart of numerous technological feats on land, air, sea, and space for over 100 years.   


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