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Castrol Auto Service workshop concept launched in the UK to help independent workshops attract new customers

A new branded workshop programme, Castrol Auto Service, has been launched in the UK to help independent workshops build trust with potential customers and drive new income streams

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  • First Castrol Auto Service workshop in the UK opens in Stratford-upon-Avon
  •  Participating businesses benefit from Castrol-branded signage and vehicle decals, online training and marketing support
  •  Delivered by The Race Group, part of Certas Energy which is the UK’s largest independent supplier of fuel and branded lubricants
  •  Complements the established Castrol Branded Workshop programme, which assists independent workshops with branding, consumables and training

A new branded workshop programme, Castrol Auto Service, has been launched in the UK to help independent workshops build trust with potential customers and drive new income streams. The first Castrol Auto Service site is Arden Garages in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, a former long-standing franchised new car retail outlet which is transitioning to an aftersales-focused business operating under the Castrol banner.

The Castrol Auto Service programme provides participating businesses with Castrol-branded signage that delivers a franchise look and feel; vehicle decals for courtesy cars; access to the full range of Castrol premium-quality lubricants, greases and fluids; product storage and dispensing solutions and comprehensive digital marketing support. The implementation partner for the programme is The Race Group, part of Certas Energy which is the UK’s largest independent supplier of fuel and branded lubricants. 

Castrol is the most recognised and most preferred* vehicle lubricant brand among UK consumers, and the new branded workshop programme allows independent workshops to harness this brand strength to stand out from competitors and build trust among potential customers.

The Castrol Auto Service programme has been devised to complement and build upon the established Castrol Branded Workshop scheme, which will continue to provide independent workshops with specialist training, branded marketing assets and a range of support services. The Castrol Auto Service programme has been designed specifically for larger workshops that tend to consume and sell over 7,000 litres of lubricant a year**, many of which will be located in larger towns and cities. 

Businesses that join the Castrol Auto Service programme will benefit from ongoing training and support to help them deliver and promote a premium-quality customer experience. Participating workshops will have access to online product training from Castrol, whilst The Race Group will deliver face-to-face training to the workshop team on the right oil selection to ensure staff can fit and recommend the correct product from Castrol’s extensive range of oils and lubricants. Castrol will also work alongside each business to set up comprehensive marketing, customer communication and issue handling processes. 

The suite of Castrol marketing assets offered includes external and internal signage, branded clothing for employees, point-of-sale product displays, digital banners for websites and social media channels, and a listing on Castrol’s dedicated online search tool that helps consumers find a trusted workshop. Participating businesses will also benefit from exclusive offers and promotions – for them as well as for their customers – all aimed at securing repeat business and driving profitability.

Castrol Auto Service workshops will also be able to access existing offers and services, including Castrol’s Engine Warranty scheme and its Google My Business service. The Warranty provides 12-month or 20,000-mile cover to customers who have an oil change using Castrol lubricants, while Google My Business is designed to help independent workshops elevate their online presence.

Amanda Taylor, UK Marketing Manager at Castrol, comments: “This programme has been piloted very successfully in other European countries, including Germany and Belgium, so we’re delighted to now be able to offer it to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between Castrol and the UK’s most respected independent workshops. We know these businesses will be able to leverage the trusted Castrol brand to attract new customers and showcase a quality-led aftersales proposition.” 

David Titchmarsh, Managing Director at Arden Garages adds: “As we move away from being a franchised new car dealership, we are determined to continue offering our customers a first-class experience. By partnering with Castrol, we can deliver our goal, with access to premium quality lubricants, offers and services designed to increase footfall with a name customers’ can trust.”

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