Iloform CFX offers tailored benefits to the various strands of the deformation sector.

CFX: A unique solution for deformation specialists

Castrol’s Iloform CFX series of forming oils is specifically engineered for metal forming processes. The series provides an environmentally responsible and
alternative to chlorinated paraffins containing products with specific benefits for several deformation application areas.
The growing influence of low-price economies has made this sector more fiercely competitive than ever. To stay ahead, companies need to optimize their production processes, improving the manufacturing speed while maximizing the lifespan of toolings.
Traditionally, these gains have been achieved through the use of chlorinated paraffins. However, these fluids can also generate high waste disposal costs,
environmental concerns and corrosion risks.
The Iloform CFX series, optimized for a range of deformation processes including stamping, drawing and fineblanking, removes the need for chlorine completely. Each member of the range provides easy cleanability, and its unique additive technology, guarantees excellent environmental credentials.
In addition to sustainability benefits, each member of the CFX family offers its own productivity gains, ranging from higher press speeds to reduced oil consumption. Although the specific benefits vary from one deformation process to the next, companies across the board will see improvements in both tool and surface quality, as well as a reduction in downtime.

Greener, meaner, leaner

Chlorinated paraffins have traditionally been used to coat the edges of parts used in deformation processes, reacting with metal surfaces to create an  additional protective layer.

The technology is proven to work across a range of applications, but Castrol thought there was a way to achieve even greater benefits, hugging the metal even more closely to deliver greater efficiency while reducing erosion.
CFX was originally developed for pilgering stainless steel tubes, one of the most demanding processes in the whole deformation sector. The additive technology was so powerful that even the filler in the inner tube/mandrel lubrication was no longer needed.
Following this success, we developed CFX into a series covering a number of other deformation processes, moving beyond low-alloyed into stainless steels.

In each case, CFX has been proven to deliver highly significant gains. Our clients are already seeing 20% longer tool life, 15% faster press speeds, and up to 50% improvement in the speed of their fineblanking operations.
Given the environmental benefits common to the entire range, our CFX family of forming oils provides a long-term solution for the deformation sector.
With no need for chlorine, we can move toward a greener future together.

Castrol Iloform CFX 25
Castrol Iloform CFX 25 offers major tool life increases in stainless steel wire drawing, particularly when using natural diamond tooling and tube bending applications.
Castrol Iloform CFX 185
Ideal for pilgering stainless steel tubes as well as deep drawing and fine blanking applications, providing a range of benefits including higher strike frequency, greater feed length and improved parts cleanliness.
Iloform CFX 300
Providing advantages such as increased stability and a lower scrap rate, CFX 300 is ideal for bar drawing as well as deep drawing applications.
Iloform CFX 6000
Like the original member of the CFX family, CFX 6000 works best on cold pilgering applications and is also optimized for stainless tube drawing. It can be easily removed with a high-alkaline cleaner, with no pickling required and no corrosion.