High Temperature Performance

Castrol Pyroplex Red is a high temperature EP lithium complex grease that meets the highest performance standards of automotive GC-LB (particularly disc brake wheel bearings), fleet, industrial and off-highway applications. Its ability to withstand extreme high temperatures makes it a particularly good grease for use with disc brake wheel bearings. It is highly dependable in a variety of machines and applications.

Formulated from selected base stock and containing unique oxidation inhibitors, this grease possesses outstanding thermal stability. In selecting the extreme pressure and anti-wear package, great care was exercised in choosing only additives that had temperature characteristics similar to the grease itself. Castrol Pyroplex Red has excellent rust protection, mechanical stability and compatibility with other greases.

Shear Stability

Castrol Pyroplex Red has the shear stability to stay in grade and in place over long periods of use.

Additive Package

Castrol Pyroplex Red employs top-quality extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. As a result, Castrol Pyroplex Red can withstand conditions of severe shock and high loads.


Castrol Pyroplex Red has demonstrated excellent compatibility with other greases.