Castrol® Pyroplex™ Protection ES

High Temperature Performance

Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES is an extension of Castrol's exclusive hydro–activation technology coupled with a lithium complex thickener, tackifiers, corrosion inhibitors, proprietary additives and carefully selected synthetic base fluids, that provides corrosion resistance, extreme pressure performance, and "stay–in–place" ability with outstanding mobility through all seasons. In tests, Castrol Pyroplex® Protection ES outperformed the competition when exposed to extreme corrosive, pressure and temperature environments. This means you can rely on it to protect your equipment for longer periods even in the most challenging conditions. 

The anti–corrosion properties of Castrol Pyroplex® Protection ES make it an ideal choice for your vehicles during harsh winter conditions. But its stay–in–place" ability coupled with outstanding mobility and superior high pressure performance make Castrol Pyroplex® Protection ES a grease that can protect your equipment day in, day out — extending service intervals and reducing wear and tear.