Castrol Pyroplex Gold provides the ultimate protection against wear for critical equipment. A semi-synthetic, extreme pressure grease, Castrol Pyroplex Gold contains more than 20% solids, including 6% molybdenum disulfide, to give equipment a protective lubricant barrier against wear, even during conditions of high load.

High Loads/Heavy Loads Performance

Castrol Pyroplex Gold is recommended for heavily-loaded pin joints and other components routinely subjected to high shock loads in extreme conditions. Castrol Pyroplex Gold demonstrates protection against extreme loading, in both “point” and “line” contact modes. It carries a 70-pound OK load in the Timken Test Method, without the use of heavy metals such as antimony, lead, barium or chlorinated compounds. Additionally, Castrol Pyroplex Gold’s outstanding wear protection was further validated after it received the highest possible score (800 kg) in the Four-Ball Weld Test (ASTM D 2596).

Low Temperature Performance

Castrol Pyroplex Gold’s semi-synthetic base stock and specially chosen thickeners allow it to maintain pumpability in low temperature environments. This ensures that Castrol Pyroplex Gold will reach critical parts at temperatures that would make other greases too thick to pump. Other greases with high solid content may not be as mobile, subjecting equipment to accelerated wear and possibly premature failure. US Steel Method results prove that Castrol Pyroplex Gold easily surpasses competitive greases in mobility during low temperatures. This confirmed mobility makes Castrol Pyroplex Gold an ideal choice for most equipment with central lubricating systems.


Castrol Pyroplex Gold uses Castrol’s trademarked Hydro-Activation™ technology to guard against water spray off. When exposed to moisture, Castrol Pyroplex Gold’s hydro-activated additive actually causes an increase in tack and adhesion rather than a softening with eventual washout. The Water Spray Off (ASTM D 4049) test results show that in comparison to other premium greases, Castrol Pyroplex Gold has outstanding adherence to metal surfaces, which lowers grease consumption and maintenance costs.


Castrol Pyroplex Gold combines the mobility of a typical NLGI grade 1 grease with the staying power and extreme pressure performance of a NLGI grade 3 grease.

Applications and Recommendations

  • Castrol Pyroplex Gold will excel in multiple bearing applications, sliding applications and high pounding and loading environments.