Castrol® HD Lithium

Castrol offers HD Lithium greases in NLGI 00, 0 and 2 consistencies. 

Castrol HD Lithium is a smooth, amber, lithium 12–hydroxy stearate grease. Castrol HD Lithium 00 Grease is intended for service where an NLGI 00 grade lithium grease is required, including some automatic grease systems. 

Castrol HD Lithium is intended for use on ball and roller anti–friction bearings as well as conventional sleeve bearings. Castrol HD Lithium has wide acceptance in construction, trucking, industrial, automotive, marine and farm applications. Typical examples include shaker screens, crushers, asphalt plants, bucket pins, articulating joints, universal joints, couplings, king pins as well as truck and automobile chassis. Castrol HD Lithium contains rust inhibitors and has good water resistance and long storage life. The base oils utilized in the Castrol HD Lithium Grease, coupled with an oxidation inhibitor and EP additives, enable the grease to withstand continuous heavy loads and shock loads.