Castrol Tection HD meets the grueling requirements of the API CI–4 plus engine oil specification, with noted performance in soot dispersion and deposit control. Castrol Tection HD also meets the demands of API CH–4, CG–4, CF–4 and SL. 

Effective Soot Management

Ever–increasing emission requirements have made soot a major concern in diesel engines. Engine manufacturers have used techniques such as retarded injection timing and Exhaust Gas Recirculation to meet mandated emission regulations. These engine modifications have forced additional soot back into the combustion chamber that, if uncontrolled, can expose a fleet to a loss of engine life and efficiency. After 300 hours in the industry's leading soot management test, the Mack T–8E, Castrol Tection HD was able to prevent excessive viscosity increase and filter plugging when contaminated with high levels of soot. Castrol Tection HD effectively disperses soot particles to protect against soot–related wear and deposits. 

Deposit Control

Castrol Tection HD is formulated to control piston deposit generation in all makes of diesel engines. The Caterpillar 1R engine test is designed to measure piston deposits, oil consumption and scuffing resistance in modern two–piece piston engines. Castrol Tection HD provides a margin of safety when protecting against piston deposit formation. This translates to enhanced engine efficiency and maximized engine life. 

Wear Protection

The Cummins M–11 with EGR test measures cross–head wear, top ring weight loss, oil filter change in pressure and sludging in oils with high levels of soot. Castrol Tection HD provides wear protection that exceeds the requirements for API CI–4.