Castrol® Elixion™ 5W-30

Proven up to 4% fuel savings versus conventional 15W-40 oils

Castrol Elixion, a unique SAE 5W–30 synthetic engine oil, is formulated for maximum fuel efficiency in on road applications. Through real-world testing, by real fleets and under a variety of conditions, Castrol Elixion has been proven to deliver up to 4% fuel economy versus conventional 15W-40 oils - all without compromising engine protection.

We understand that there are reasons to be skeptical when suppliers tout fuel-efficiency improvements. From additives to miraculous hard parts, many of these claims are based solely on lab testing or mathematical hypotheses that exist only on paper—not in the real world. 

Strong claims require strong evidence, and at Castrol we’ve spent the past three years developing a product that delivers fuel-economy performance. We’ve also developed an advanced method of being able to prove that performance to our customers and to ourselves time and time again. 
In addition to fuel efficiency, there are many more ways Castrol Elixion can significantly improve your bottom line: 
  • Extended drain
  • Cold-start performance leading to improved battery and starter motor life
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Increased wear protection
  • Reduced emissions