The on-road synthetic natural-gas engine oil that enables “extreme” extended-drain intervals up to 1,200 hours.

Castrol® Duratec™ ES 15W-40 enables “extreme” extended-drain intervals while maintaining outstanding protection. Castrol® Duratec™ ES 15W-40 delivers an advanced detergent/dispersant system that has been designed to reduce deposit formation and improve oxidation control while offering excellent corrosion protection, TBN retention, and outstanding wear control. Castrol® Duratec™ ES 15W-40 is designed for use in a wide range of natural-gas equipment, including Cummins, Mack, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Navistar and other on-road engines requiring a low-ash natural-gas engine oil.
Product Benefits:
  • Exceptional nitration and oxidation control, compared to other mineral on-road natural-gas engine oils
  • Excellent TBN retention for exceptional acid neutralization
  • Outstanding anti-wear protection
  • Reduces deposits and maintains engine cleanliness