Castrol Syngear CD–50 is a fully synthetic lubricant for use in manual transmissions engaged in severe service environments and where extended drains are desired. It is a non–EP, straight weight lubricant. Castrol Syngear CD–50 is formulated with a high VI, synthetic base stock, which ensures both low and high temperature performance. Castrol Syngear CD–50 is now approved for the Roadranger PS–164 Revision 7 specification allowing 800,000 km drain intervals.


The anti–wear additives in Castrol Syngear CD–50 prevent wear during extreme service and weather conditions. Rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors protect bearings and synchronizers from wear, as well as, prevent wear on other transmission components. Castrol Syngear CD–50 users can expect long transmission and lubricant life as a result of using this fluid.