Axle and Universal Fluids

As trucks and buses become heavier and the need for durability increases, axle fluids are more and more critical for vehicle reliability. Getting the right oil for your vehicle is key to ensuring your rear axle operates as designed and gets the maximum protection under demanding conditions. 

Castrol, with over 100 years of experience in developing axle fluids, and being the choice of many leading truck and transmissions manufacturers for factory-fill products, offers a range of axle and universal fluids for your vehicle requirements; providing you the peace of mind that you are getting the right oil for your vehicle and keeping your vehicle on the road longer.

Castrol® AP Gear Lubricant™

Castrol® AP (all purpose) Gear Lubricant™ is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure gear oil that has superior thermal durability and will provide transmission, differential and other application protection beyond that specified for the current SAE J2360 (formerly MIL-PRF-2105E), API GL-5 and API MT-1 (80W-90) requirements. Its thermal durability extends component life and reduces critical component wear.


Castrol EP Gear Lubricants are exceptional quality gear oils that are designed for severe duty applications that offer excellent gear protection and the possibility of extended drain intervals with periodic checks by Castrol’s Oil Analysis Program.

CASTROL® Syngear™

Castrol Syngear lubricants are a line of API GL-5 heavy-duty synthetic gear lubricants.

Castrol® Isolube™

Castrol Isolube provides excellent performance in circulating oil and gear set applications.

Castrol® Trans-C HT

Castrol Trans-C HT is a full synthetic transmission/hydraulic fluid that balances high-temperature wear protection for gears and bearings with low temperature flow properties for positive shifting in transmissions.

Castrol® UTF™

Castrol UTF (Universal Tractor Fluid) is a premium transmission/ hydraulic fluid that exceeds the demands of industrial tractor transmissions, differentials and wet disc brakes.


Castrol Limited Slip Gear Lubricant is an extreme pressure, multi–purpose gear lubricant that is friction modified to meet the requirements of many limited slip differentials.


Castrol Syngear CD–50 is a fully synthetic lubricant for use in manual transmissions engaged in severe service environments and where extended drains are desired.

Castrol Syntrans

Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 is a full synthetic transmission fluid recommended for most commercial vehicle manual transmissions (truck, bus, light commercial vehicle) where API GL-4 lubricants are required.