Castrol UTF, Universal Tractor Fluid, is a premium hydraulic/ transmission fluid that exceeds the refill and service topup needs of farm and industrial tractor transmission, differentials and immersed disc brakes. Castrol UTF is compounded with anti-wear, extreme pressure, anti-oxidant and friction control additives and foam and corrosion inhibitors. Castrol UTF couples this superb additive package with highly refined base oils and a shear stable viscosity index improver for a balanced package.

Excellent Water Tolerance and Pump Life

Water contamination in off-highway equipment poses a threat to productivity and the health of the equipment.

Castrol UTF was designed to operate in the presence of 1% water contamination. During the Gear Wear Test, Castrol UTF protected up to four times better than the competition against wear and corrosion with water contamination up to 1%.

Gear Wear Protection

In several OEM gear tests, Castrol UTF demonstrated its ability to withstand system pressures while showing no signs of pitting, ridging, scoring and corrosion. On a sensitive gear surface or tooth, the slightest amount of wear can cause maintenance problems.

Smooth Transmission Performance

Castrol UTF provides just the right balance of smooth engagement and minimum slippage, which is ideal for power transmission performance. Due to its smooth performance characteristics, Castrol UTF reduces heat-associated wear in power transmissions.

Thermally Stable

Castrol UTF’s excellent thermal stability provides wear protection in high temperatures. Castrol UTF protects against the excessive deposit build-up that results from overheating, which can cause wear on clutch plates, control valves and pressure regulators.

Low Temperature Performance

Castrol UTF’s extremely low pour point of -37ÅãF gives it exceptional low temperature performance. Castrol UTF can maintain flow characteristics during a cold-start, which means the oil reaches pumps, cylinders and hydraulic components quickly, dramatically reducing start-up wear.


Castrol UTF maintains the size, hardness and strength of elastomers, seals and gaskets, which helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Friction Control

Castrol UTF uses friction modifying additives to ensure the smooth, quiet operation of multi-disc clutches and oil-immersed disc brakes. In industry tests, Castrol UTF consistently provided quiet brake operation with no loss in capacity.