Low Temperature Fluidity

Castrol Trans-C provides excellent cold weather pumpability and decreases wear typically associated with cold weather starts. Less wear can mean longer transmission life.

Gear Protection

Castrol Trans-C passes the 35VQ25 Vickers pump test ensuring protection for high pressure hydraulic systems. Because of this added gear protection, customers can consolidate fluids in on- and off-highway equipment.

Castrol Trans-C Transmission Drive Train Oil meets the stringent Caterpillar TO-4 fluid requirements, particularly important where paper and elastomer disc materials are utilized and friction retention must be optimized for extended clutch life and slippage control under severe high load operations. While commercial engine oil technology excelled in the previous Caterpillar required CD/TO-2 specification where the bronze clutches prevailed, Castrol Trans-C provides field-tested technology to ensure durability under today’s strenuous operating conditions and where significant clutch material changes have taken place.
Castrol Trans-C will also provide Detroit Diesel Allison C-4 performance. Castrol Trans-C excels in many on and off-highway hydraulic oil applications.

Castrol Heavy Duty’s traditional quality approach prevails in Castrol Trans-C by having premium base oil selection (high viscosity indexes) coupled with select additives for noted oxidation stability, rust and corrosion protection, foaming inhibition, anti-wear protection, mild “EP” and assured excellent pumpability in the “SAE 10W” or ISO 32 grade.

Applications and Recommendations

  • Exceeds Caterpillar TO-4 specifications/requirements
  • Approved Allison C-4
  • Vickers 35VQ25 Vane Pump performance
  • Many on and off-highway transmissions, drive trains and hydraulic systems