Other Products

Castrol® Non–Detergent Motor Oil™

Castrol Non-Detergent Motor Oils are formulated from highly refined and high viscosity index, paraffinic base oils. They meet the requirements of API Service Classification SB. This classification does not meet current engine manufacturers’ warranty requirements.

Castrol® Tractor Hydraulic Oil

A premium quality transmission / hydraulic / wet brake oil formulated to exceed the service performance requirements of tractor, transmission and hydraulic system manufacturers that specify a multi-purposes fluid for transmission, PTO, differential, wet brake and diverse hydraulic applications.

Castrol® Paradene AW™

Castrol Paradene AW is an industrial anti-wear hydraulic oil for use in hydraulically activated equipment that utilizes high-performance pumps.

Castrol Dual Range HV

The shear stable polymers in Castrol Dual Range HV keep the fluid’s viscosity consistent over a wide range of temperatures.