Synthetic NLGI 00 Lubricant

Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 is a semi-fluid synthetic (PAO) lubricant that can be used for the lubrication of truck wheel hub assemblies where minimal leakage is desired and long service life is essential. Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 can help alleviate oil leakage from wheel seals that can damage brake shoes, increase maintenance costs and affect the overall safety of the unit. Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 can be utilized in many types of wheel end systems designed for oil and many systems using conventional greases.

Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 is formulated with a lithium complex thickener for exceptional service life, synthetic (PAO) base stocks for low and high temperature performance and stability, and is fortified with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for extended bearing life. Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 can also be used in certain industrial, quarry, mining or construction applications where a semi-fluid synthetic lubricant is recommended.

Extended Service Protection

With Castrol Spheerol SHL 00’s incredible staying power, maintenance managers can safely extend lubricant life and service intervals. Its high/low temperature performance characteristics work to keep the lubricant in service longer, protecting equipment during extreme temperature conditions.

Wear Protection

Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 contains an additive package that promotes long bearing life and guards against wear, rust and corrosion. It is fortified with anti-wear and extreme pressure agents that contribute to extended bearing life.