Castrol Performance Bio HE is formulated from vegetable oils to be more environmentally acceptable than traditional mineral-based hydraulic fluids. Since hydraulic systems are prone to leakage due to high pressures, Castrol Performance Bio HE is an excellent hydraulic fluid in applications where leakage could cause water or soil contamination.


Formulated from natural vegetable oils, Castrol Performance Bio HE is more than 95% biodegradable as measured in the CEC L-33-T-82 tests. Tests indicate that it is capable of being decomposed by biological agents within 120 hours, unlike mineral oil, which may remain intact for much longer, polluting water and soil. Castrol Performance Bio HE is recommended for outdoor applications where leakage could result in soil or ground water contamination and substantial fines or claims for damage on the responsible operator. (Spills, however, must be handled the same as for mineral-based fluids.)

Low Toxicity

In addition to its biodegradability, Castrol Performance Bio HE has a very low toxicity before, during and after breakdown. This reduces the threat to bacteria, fish and humans coming in contact with contaminated water.

Stay-in-Grade Performance

Castrol Performance Bio HE has a very high viscosity index (VI) of 200. Standard mineral hydraulic oils have VIs of around 100. This extra-high VI means that Castrol Performance Bio HE experiences little change in viscosity during its recommended operating range of 0°F to 175°F. Castrol Performance Bio HE is also very shear stable, which means that it resists breakdown during high shear applications.

Anti-wear Performance and High Lubricity

Due to its special formulation, Castrol Performance Bio HE is inherently a better lubricant than its standard mineralbased counterparts. This high lubricity accounts for reduced wear and less fuel consumption due to more efficient operations. Castrol Performance Bio HE also contains an anti-wear package that increases its load-carrying abilities.