Some parts in your car require grease as a lubrication agent, such as bearings, joints and hinges. An effective grease avoids sticking and squeaking thus preventing components wearing out prematurely, whilst shielding against moisture and corrosion.
Castrol’s variety of greases range from multipurpose to the special greases which work under demanding conditions and still provide outstanding performance.

Castrol Pyroplex Red

High Temperature Performance

Castrol Pyroplex Red is a high temperature EP lithium complex grease that meets the highest performance standards of automotive GC-LB (particularly disc brake wheel bearings), fleet, industrial and off-highway applications. Its ability to withstand extreme high temperatures makes it a particularly good grease for use with disc brake wheel bearings. It is highly dependable in a variety of machines and applications.

Pyroplex Protection ES

Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES is a specially formulated synthetic lithium complex grease designed for extended service performance in challenging on-highway applications. Its unique inhibitor additive system provides excellent protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion.

Castrol Spheerol SHL 00

Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 is a semi-fluid synthetic (PAO) lubricant that can be used for the lubrication of truck wheel hub assemblies where minimal leakage is desired and long service life is essential. Castrol Spheerol SHL 00 can help alleviate oil leakage from wheel seals that can damage brake shoes, increase maintenance costs and affect the overall safety of the unit.

Castrol Pyroplex Gold

Castrol Pyroplex Gold provides the ultimate protection against wear for critical equipment. A semi-synthetic, extreme pressure grease, Castrol Pyroplex Gold contains more than 20% solids, including 6% molybdenum disulfide, to give equipment a protective lubricant barrier against wear, even during conditions of high load.

Castrol Pyroplex Blue

Castrol Pyroplex Blue maintains mobility while building tack and adhesion when faced with water contamination. This Hydro-Activated™ technology helps Castrol Pyroplex Blue resist softening and washout when exposed to wet conditions on a continued basis. Castrol Pyroplex Blue users can expect excellent equipment performance when using  this grease.

Castrol Contractor Special

Castrol Contractor Special is a lithium complex extra molybdenum disulfide. Castrol heavy-duty performance coupled with good pumpability for applications where lubricating film is needed.

Fifth Wheel Grease

Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease has been designed specifically for fifth wheel applications where stay-in-place performance is critical under all weather and application conditions. Fifth wheels typically experience extreme fretting, which is defined as the removal of finely divided metal particles from rubbing surfaces due to oscillation, sliding or vibration. Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease’s graphite/moly formulation and high percent of tackifiers give it a true affinity for metal surfaces. The tacky tenacious properties of Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease, coupled with 10% lubricating solids, further enables this grease to provide outstanding adhesion to fifth wheels in even the toughest of operating conditions.