Maple Leafs

Castrol is proud to sponsor one of the original 6 NHL teams – The Toronto Maple Leafs.  The Maple Leafs are a long standing hockey franchise that were founded in 1917 and have won 13 Stanley Cups in team history. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the largest and most engaged fan base in the NHL, reaching over 5.5 Million Fans in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding area alone.

You can find the full 2018-2019 Schedule here.


In 2018 Castrol extended their MLSE partnership to include the Toronto Raptors – Canada’s NBA team.  The team has won four Division titles, and registered their most successful regular season in 2018. 

The Toronto Raptors play on the court and presence in the community exemplifies the same commitment to strength and performance that has become synonymous with Castrol Edge Synthetic and the full suite of premium lubricants we distribute

You can find the full 2018-2019 Schedule here.