Castrol ACTIV 4T 15W-50 is a mineral motorcycle engine oil formulated to provide superior engine wear protection and cleanliness. It also provides excellent wet clutch friction stability even in severe conditions. 

Considerable research work was done to ensure the upgraded formulation provided enhanced gear wear protection in motorcycle transmissions.


Castrol ACTIV 4T 15W-50 provides good lubrication for all street and off-road four-stroke motorcycles. It is also well suited to a wide range of four-stroke petrol engines used in generators, lawnmowers, and light power equipment.

Features & BEnefits

  • Provides a protective film on engine parts in all conditions
  • Significantly reduces engine wear during start-up and warm-up
  • Improved engine cleanliness, promoting longer engine life
  • Excellent wet clutch friction stability even in severe applications
  • Enhanced gear wear protection for transmission gears


Exceeds JASO MA, MA2, API SL

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 

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