Find the best engine oil for your motorcycle

what is motorcycle engine oil?

In 2-Stroke motorcycles the engine oil is lubricant that is continuously injected into the crankcase and burned with each combustion cycle.  It must prevent piston scuffing and effectively lubricate bearings, at the same time resisting deposit formation and smoke emission.

In 4-Stroke motorcycles the engine oil must simultaneously meet the high-stress protection requirements of the engine, the friction requirements of the clutch pack and the wear protection requirements of the gearbox.

When Should i change motorcycle engine oil?

Always follow the manufacturer’s oil change interval recommendations as described in the owner manual.  Due to the smaller sump size and higher engine rpm and operating temperatures, motorcycle engine oil change intervals are generally shorter than that for passenger car engine oils.

Castrol ACtiv

Castrol Activ with Actibond Molecules clings to and protects critical engine components even when the engine is switched off, providing continuous protection  in all riding conditions.  

Continuous protection even when the engine is off.