Castrol Chain Spray O-R

Castrol Chain Spray O-R has been specially formulated to effectively lubricate all motorcycle chains and sprockets. Non-chlorinated solvents are used to ensure prolonged ring life.

Castrol Spray O-R leaves a clear oily film that contains a combination of lubricity agents, clear solid lubricants, tackifier and corrosion inhibitors. It is designed to effectively lubricate without attracting dirt and dust and discolouring motorcycle wheels and adjacent flaring.


Castrol Chain Spray O-R is suitable for motorcycle chains and sprockets and suitable for standard O-Ring and X-Ring chains.

Useful also on spark plug threads, and nut and bolt threads subject to high temperatures.


  • Outstanding lubrication and protection under extreme conditions
  • Excellent adhesion and penetration to minimize “fling” loss
  • Rapid evaporation of solvent
  • Resistant to water wash-off
  • Protection against corrosion and aggressive environments
  • Reduced friction helping to maximize power transfer and reduce wear


  1. To gain the maximum benefit from Castrol Chain Spray O-R the following application method is recommended:
  2. Switch off engine
  3. Place bike in neutral on a centre stand
  4. Fully clean chain with a copper wire brush
  5. Clean with appropriate Castrol cleaning product and allow to dry
  6. Apply Castrol Chain Spray O-R evenly and sparingly to a clean dry chain from the inside to the outside edge whilst rotating the rear wheel slowly by hand
  7. Leave to dry for 10-20 minutes before riding
  8. Do NOT spray on brake or hot exhaust components

It is preferable not to mix or add Castrol Chain Spray O-R with any other type of chain oil or lubricant otherwise its performance will not be maximized.