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Formula 1 is the ultimate proving ground. The pinnacle of worldwide motorsport, Formula 1 is fiercely contested among the world’s best racing drivers, designers, engineers and automotive giants. It is why manufacturers identify it as the perfect arena to demonstrate technical innovation.


In 2022, new F1 car regulations come into play and Castrol continues to demonstrate its technology benefits with the Alpine F1 Team.Alpine enter the new era of Formula 1 with an unchanged line-up featuring two-time World Drivers’ Champion Fernando Alonso and established star Esteban Ocon, who tasted victory for the first time in Hungary last year.

This pursuit of excellence is the inspiration behind Castrol’s partnership with Alpine F1 Team. Together we strive to win against the toughest opposition.

Modern F1 engines are incredibly sophisticated. Only three 1600cc four-stroke turbo-charged hybrid units may be used by each car per 22-race season, while the internal combustion units rev to 15,000rpm and produce more than 700bhp.

So, in an environment where success and failure are measured in milliseconds, marginal gains are critical. Castrol has a team of dedicated engineers embedded in the Alpine F1 Team, who work in partnership with the engineers to blend bespoke ultra-low viscosity lubricants, such as Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR.

Castrol SUPERCAR is required to be strong enough to protect these engines from the phenomenal forces at work while reducing the friction, which saps crucial power.But once the oil is deployed in the all-new A522, Castrol’s mobile trackside support continues its work analysing its performance, monitoring quality control and the health of the Renault E-Tech power unit’s components.

This insight allows us to develop lubricants for your car whilst proudly assisting Alpine F1 Team in its quest to be world champions.

image of Alpine F1 car
image of Alpine F1 car drivers
image of Alpine F1 car
image of Alpine F1 car
image of Alpine F1 car drivers
image of Alpine F1 car
Castrol is a vital partner for the Alpine F1 Team. Just as in all other components on a racing car, performance is there to be harnessed and maximised. Through its bespoke lubricants Castrol is contributing a crucial part to ensure this from the engine and gearbox. Equally to have trackside support provides a critical element of our information flow through a race weekend, giving us instant insight into our engine’s behaviour and health on track.Rémi TaffinAlpine F1 - Technical Director (Engine)
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