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At Castrol, we are constantly striving to improve our business and in particular, the efficiency and effectiveness in the way we serve our customers. Over the past 120 years, our passion for technical leadership in lubricants has led to our unequalled reputation for quality and performance.


Keeping the Castrol name foremost in end users’ minds has also played a vital part in our success. With memorable brand communications and a major commitment to powerful sponsorships, consumers all over Australia – and around the world – are reassured when you recommend Castrol products to them.


At the same time, we have always worked closely with all our customers to ensure every aspect of our product and service offering exceeds their expectations and moves with the times.

To enjoy the benefits of being a Castrol customer, apply today. Download the new account application form or contact our Customer Service team on:


P: 1300 554 890 or via email



  1. Right click New Account Application Form link above and select “Save Link As” – Save to your computers desktop.
  2. Ensure you have Adobe reader downloaded on your computer. Most computers will come with this software as standard. If you do not have it you can download from the following link:
  3. Open the New Account Application Form in Adobe Reader
  4. Fill all the required fields in the form. NOTE: When a Signature is requested please leave this blank until the rest of the form has been completed.
  5. When all required fields are completed, it’s time to sign the document using a Digital Signature. If you do have a Digital Signature set up in Adobe, please skip Steps 6-11.
  6. If this is your first time signing a document digitally, you will need to set up a digital signature in Adobe Reader first.
  7. Where a signature is required, left click the box. This will bring up a box titled “Add a Digital ID”. Select the second option “A new digital ID I want to create now” and click next.
  8. Accept the default ID file, click next.
  9. Enter the details required and then press next: a. Name: Name of signatory b. Organisation Unit: Department at place of work c. Organisation Name: Name of business d. Email Address: Business email address for signatory e. Country: Select Australia f. Key Algorithm: Leave as is g. Use digital ID for: Leave as is
  10. Set up a secure password. Do not share this password with others. Press Next.
  11. A “Sign Document” will appear. To sign the document simply enter your password and click Sign.
  12. You will be required to save the document after each signature. Press save and when asked if you wish to replace the original document. Click yes.
  13. If there are multiple Directors required to sign, once completed, please email the saved document to the next signatory.
  14. Once completed please save the New Account form and send to