Castrol SmartControl

The smarter way to control your metalworking fluid management

Effective manufacturing requires efficient process. This means moving away from manual tasks, and embracing the opportunities afforded by advanced, intelligent technologies.
Castrol SmartControl is one such technology.
SmartControl, developed in conjunction with control system experts Tiefenbach, has been designed to allow manufacturers to make use of real-time condition monitoring. It gives you the opportunity to monitor and control your central system of metalworking fluids automatically, ensuring processes are more efficient, reliable, and can operate continuously without the need for human intervention.
With Castrol SmartControl, the most important parameter of the metalworking fluid is controlled automatically. The real-time condition monitoring enables the measurement of:  

  • Concentration
  • pH level
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Volume flow

Having instant access to robust data in these areas gives manufacturers the information required to make essential decisions that will influence processes, and ensures that any issues can be spotted, and subsequently remedied, immediately.
We understand that increasing levels of efficiency is crucial to long-term business success, and SmartControl can help you in achieving your biggest ambitions.  

More than just condition monitoring 

SmartControl offers far more than just allowing you to improve condition monitoring. The system can be connected with a control to automate MWF management, meaning that manual intervention is kept to a minimum.
And, when used in combination with XBB technology, metalworking fluid monitoring and management can be taken to the next level.
By marrying XBB with SmartControl, the number of laboratory tests can be drastically reduced, manual documentation can be all but eradicated, and the lifespan of valuable operating fluids can be greatly improved.
Not only that, but health and safety can be enhanced. The wellbeing of employees is paramount to all manufacturers, and by utilizing more automated process, and keeping human intervention to an absolute minimum, the HSSE risk can be reduced, and operators will be far less likely to be involved in any accidents.
SmartControl is a modern solution, designed specifically for control freaks in the age of Industry 4.0. It gives you the confidence required to make big decisions at the right time, every time.