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Our expert answers some key questions about motorcycle oils and your bike. Select the questions on the right to hear the answers.
Can I use a car engine oil in a motorcycle?
Car oils are not designed with the high power density of modern motorcycles in mind. Neither are they tested to be compatible for use with wet clutches and highly loaded gears that you find in modern motorcycles.
…and what if I have a dry clutch?
Even in a dry clutch application the engine oil still has to lubricate and protect the gearbox and provide high temperature protection which a car engine oil may not provide.
What is the function of engine oil in a motorcycle?
The engine oil serves to lubricate key components, reduce wear and remove heat from the engine and clutch.
What are the most critical areas where the oil flows?
In most cases the critical engine areas are the piston assembly, bearings and valve train, coupled with the need to protect the gearbox and lubricate and cool the clutch.
What’s the function of the oil filter?
The oil filter works to trap foreign particles and debris introduced into the oil by normal riding. These particles can lead to engine damage, while a blocked filter may lead to oil starvation and ultimately engine failure.
Can an engine oil improve performance or is it only for engine protection?
Yes, by reducing internal friction and drag the oil can improve engine efficiency and therefore enhance engine performance. In most cases this is achieved through the use of low viscosity, friction optimised oils.
Why do some OEM’s recommend low viscosity oil?
It reflects the need to produce more fuel efficient engines, coupled with improved manufacturing processes.
What does a MotoGP engine use as oil?
The oils are very different to road oils and tailored specifically to the MotoGP engine. That said, the techniques used for developing high performance Moto GP oils are used for our Power 1 oils.
Can I use the same oil at extreme external temperatures?
Yes, with the use of high performance base oils, in multi-grade engine oils, we can ensure that the oil flows when cold and will not evaporate or burn away when subjected to high temperature operation.
Can I use a track day oil for road driving?
It’s not advisable as track day oils are designed specifically for enhancing performance over short periods of time and may not be suitable for long drain use.
What does ‘deposit’ mean?
Deposits are a by-product of combustion and are usually carbon formation on components such as pistons. Over time this can lead to issues such as lack of compression.
What effect can a very thick oil have on the engine/gearbox/clutch?
Modern engines are designed around the use of thinner oils. As a result, the use of a thicker oil may compromise ultimate performance of your engine.