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There is no such thing as standard motorcycle gear oil, and if your bike is shaft drive, you're going to need the protection of a limited slip gear oil.

Bike care

Bike Care

The world leader in total motorcycle care.


The new Castrol Motorcycle Ancillary Range is a series of premium lubricants and protective products for motorcycles and scooters.


In conjunction with Castrol 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils, this comprehensive range offers you total care and protection by covering all your bike care needs.

Fork Oil 5W, 10W and 15W

Castrol Fork Oil 5W, 10W and 15W


Recommended for use in motorcycle forks and shocks for road, off-road and competition use. It provides protection against wear, corrosion and to minimise the effect of foam or air entrainment in the fork.

Features & Benefits


  • Prolongs seal life by resisting premature hardening and glazing, ensuring efficient fork operation.
  • Stays in grade, maintaining consistent fork operation over a wide temperature range.
  • Can be mixed with other Castrol Fork Oil grades to obtain intermediate grades.
  • Helps minimise rust and corrosion.Suppresses foam to ensure efficient damping operation.
  • Available in graduated one litre packs to allow the correct amount of fluid to be added to the forks. These graduated packs are useful when mixing the fluids to attain intermediate viscosity fork oils.




Available in three grades: 

  • Castrol Fork Oil 5W
  • Castrol Fork Oil 10W
  • Castrol Fork Oil 15W
Foam Air Filter Oil


Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil has been specially formulated for application to “wet type” foam air filters to four and two stroke engines. Through a carefully designed balance of selected base oils and additives, the product provides excellent performance in preventing airborne dirt and abrasive particles from passing through the fuel intake system into the combustion chamber.



Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil is designed for use in all oiled foam elements.


Features & Benefits


  • Developed to ensure excellent performance for motorcycle filters
  • Tested in both controlled field conditions and bench test procedures according to BSI 1701 (ISO 511)
  • High filtering efficiency for extended filter and engine life
  • Maintains air flow for instant engine response and maximum power output




NOTE: Wear solvent resistant gloves when using Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil.

  1. Ensure the foam filter is clean. To clean, wash a dirty filter in solvent (for example, kerosene or distillate) to remove oil and dirt. Squeeze out any remaining solvent carefully, taking care not to damage the foam element.
  2. Spray Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil liberally to both inside and outside of the clean foam element. Work into the foam until it becomes saturated.
  3. Squeeze out the excess oil carefully, taking care not to
    damage the element. Allow to dry in a well-ventilated area before reassembling to the engine

Service the foam air filter regularly in accordance with the manufacturers’ instruction, and particularly when the unit has been used in dusty, dirty operating environments.

NOTE: If the filter is washed with a degreaser and then with water, remove as much water as possible by shaking or squeezing between an absorbent material or leaving to dry, before applying Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil.

Do not apply or mix Castrol Foam Air Filter Oil with any other fluid to the wet type foam air filters otherwise the efficiency of the Castrolbproduct will be impaired.

Always ensure the correct foam air filter oil (as specified by the manufacturer) is used by referring to the operators’ handbook or the Castrol Lubrication Reference Guide.

Chain Spray O-R

Castrol Chain Spray O-R

Castrol Chain Spray O-R has been specially formulated to effectively lubricate all motorcycle chains and sprockets. Non-chlorinated solvents are used to ensure prolonged ring life.


Castrol Spray O-R leaves a clear oily film that contains a combination of lubricity agents, clear solid lubricants, tackifier and corrosion inhibitors. It is designed to effectively lubricate without attracting dirt and dust and discolouring motorcycle wheels and adjacent flaring.



Castrol Chain Spray O-R is suitable for motorcycle chains and sprockets and suitable for standard O-Ring and X-Ring chains. Useful also on spark plug threads, and nut and bolt threads subject to high temperatures.



  • Outstanding lubrication and protection under extreme conditions.
  • Excellent adhesion and penetration to minimize “fling” loss.
  • Rapid evaporation of solventResistant to water wash-off.
  • Protection against corrosion and aggressive environments.
  • Reduced friction helping to maximize power transfer and reduce wear.



To gain the maximum benefit from Castrol Chain Spray O-R the following application method is recommended:


  1. Switch off engine. place bike in neutral on a centre stand
  2. Fully clean chain with a copper wire brush
  3. Clean with appropriate Castrol cleaning product and allow to dry
  4. Apply Castrol Chain Spray O-R evenly and sparingly to a clean dry chain from the inside to the outside edge whilst rotating the rear wheel slowly by hand
  5. Leave to dry for 10-20 minutes before riding
  6. Do NOT spray on brake or hot exhaust components

It is preferable not to mix or add Castrol Chain Spray O-R with any other type of chain oil or lubricant otherwise its performance will not be maximized.

MTX Part Synthetic

MTX Part Synthetic

Castrol MTX Part Synthetic motorcycle transmission oil is a high performance transmission oil designed for two stroke motorcycle transmissions, in both road, off-road and racing applications.



Castrol MTX Part Synthetic is a two stroke motorcycle transmission oil and is recommended for the transmissions of two stroke models of Aprila, Cagiva, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Vespa, and Yamaha with separate transmission cases. It is also suitable for certain Harley Davidson motorcycle transmissions and final drives.



  • Synthetic based oil designed to enhance the performance of the latest generation of on and off-road motorcycles.
  • Superior viscometric properties for reduced noise emission from the gearbox.
  • Smooth clutch engagement and good shiftability.
  • Outstanding film strength for extended life of transmission components.
  • Superior anti-fade performance and protection of clutch plate components.



  • SAE 75W-80, 10W-30
  • API Service Classification GL-4