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Castrol superstars face-off in the Castrol EDGE Challenge

Castrol Edge Challenge

Castrol is set to release a three-part video series, documenting a fun and competitive challenge between four of the best motorsport talents in the world.

Held at Melbourne’s iconic Calder Park Raceway in the build up to the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in March, Castrol Supercar driver Thomas Randle and Australian Rally and Extreme E champion Molly Taylor squared off against BWT Alpine F1 Team drivers Pierre Gasly and Australian international Jack Doohan in a series of high intensity challenges.


A collaboration between Castrol EDGE and BWT Alpine F1 Team, this is the second instalment of the Castrol EDGE Challenges, following the Lapland edition that was released earlier this year.


“It was epic to be involved in the Castrol EDGE Challenge at Calder Park,” said Randle who admitted, “I loved the Lapland edition, but when Castrol told me that Molly (Taylor) and I were going to be involved in an Australian version, I had no idea what sort of stunts they were going to throw at us.”

The Castrol EDGE Challenge: Australia sees Randle, Taylor, Gasly and Doohan driving Randle’s Gen3 Castrol Racing Supercar around the mighty Thunderdome in a competitive time trial. This event marks the first time for Gasly and Doohan driving the Australian home-grown Supercars, and the first chance for a current F1 driver to get behind the wheel of a Gen3 Supercar. With typically unpredictable Melbourne weather on full display, the slightly damp Thunderdome layout made for some eye-catching moments.


“I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was a little nervous when I heard Pierre and Jack were being thrown into the Castrol Racing Supercar around the Thunderdome ... especially only one day out from race day! But they were great sports, respected the car, and gave it a serious crack,” Randle reflected.


The Thunderdome shootout was followed by a slalom race in one of Mighty Car Mod’s most iconic vehicles – with a few twists along the way – before an Aussie Rules football kick off finale.
While the Castrol EDGE Challenge: Australia seeks to unlock the edge of performance from some of the world’s best drivers, it also showcases the lighter side of some of the most recognisable faces in Global motorsport.

“It was a blast to be a part of and I think it will be obvious to anyone watching the Australian Castrol EDGE Challenge that we all had a heap of fun with it,” agreed Randle.
The release dates for the videos are as follows;
Challenge #1: May 26th 2023, 18:00 AEST / 20:00 NZST

Challenge #2: June 1st 2023, 18:00 AEST / 20:00 NZST

Challenge #3: June 8th 2023, 18:00 AEST / 20:00 NZST


All full-length Castrol EDGE Challenge videos can be seen on all Castrol’s Global YouTube channel, with highlights available across local social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.