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Adapting to the winds of change

The 2010's, the final decade of our first hundred years in business has proved that change is the only certainty. Like the Australian community we serve Castrol Australia is adapting and looking to very different future. One that looks brighter thanks to the liquid engineering that will enable a lower carbon, lower emissions future.


This includes the ultra high performance synthetic grease and lubricants needed to maximise the efficiency of electric cars and alternative energy sources such as wind turbines and hydro power.


Already Castrol has helped create a world where petrol vehicles can travel 50,000km before their first oil change, and where an oil change can be carried out in under two minutes with zero waste via Nexcel integral oil blocks. In looking in further ahead we are working with Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, Kenworth and Mack Trucks to ensure their transport solutions are matched with lubrication technology that makes them not just possible, but practical.


While the a transport evolution is fast approaching, the combustion engine still underpins the vehicles that keep Australian's moving and that's why, Castrol continue to innovate through initiatives including Castrol VECTON range of diesel engine oils - certified carbon neutral using the Australian Government Dept. of Environment National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS). And in 2018, Castrol pioneered Australia’s first plant-derived engine oil Castrol MAGNATEC BIO-SYNTHETIC, which went on to win the 2018 Australian Brand Award for ECO INNOVATION.


As our first hundred years comes to a close we have also completely re-organised ourselves to match a new way of looking at the world while maintaining our independent R&D facilities and introducing ground breaking truck management and distribution systems.


As much as things may have changed, one thing that never will is Castrol's passion for motorsport, with the last decade seeing Castrol maintain its strong presence in Supercars with Bathurst wins and Drivers Championship wins underpinned by Castrol EDGE. In 2019, that passion for motorsport is embodied in our steadfast support of Daniel Ricciardo and the Renault F1 Team and our shared vision to be the best in Formula One.


Even 100 years on, we're proud to say oil still ain't oils.