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Oil's ain't Oils

After a tough recession from '90 to '92, Australia continued to power ahead with beginning of the digital age creating new opportunity.


On-road, Australia's trucking industry starts to embrace this new technology with digital engine management systems now allowing trucks to become reduce both fuel and oil consumption; with RX Super keeping them running reliably. Everyday motorists also turned to Castrol's synthetic engine oils to meet the demands of modern engines as cars become cleaner, more efficient and more powerful in ways unimaginable a decade before.


Industry benefited from high technology greases and on the water Castrol introduced the first biodegradable marine lubricant, Castrol Biolube 1 - the forerunner of a range of products that now help the maritime industry meet stringent new pollution standards.


Of course Castrol remained a constant presence on the racetrack and the ultimate place to test and improve our oils. This 90's saw a total of four Bathurst wins for Castrol including Win Percy and Allan Grice in their Holden Commodore VL, Larry Perkins and Gregg Hansford in their Holden Commodore VR, and Larry Perkins and Russell Ingall two-times winners in their Holden Commodore VR.


Castrol Australia also become Australia's most recognised lubrication brand, in part off the back of our famed 'oil's ain't oils' ad campaign. The slogan became a national icon seen on billboards, service station forecourts and city skylines from Perth to Brisbane, and part of the Aussie motoring vernacular thanks to 'Sol', the loveable gangster who featured in the TV commercials.