A new millenium

Castrol brought in the new millenium with further technological innovation - specifically the discovery of 'intelligent molecules'. These intelligent molecules - which cling to and provide instant protection of engine components - quickly found their way into new oils in Australia. Starting life as Castrol GTX Magnetic, these products evolved into Australia's #1 engine oil brand - the Castrol MAGNATEC we know today.

While Castrol Australia staff continued to play a key role in Castrol's worldwide R&D efforts, it was Castrol staff worldwide who celebrated our role in the pioneering explorations of Mars by NASA. 

To support NASA's efforts, Castrol developed advanced lubricants that could withstand the extreme temperatures of Mars where it can reach as low as -153 degrees Celsius...products which continued to perform well over a decade later!

This sort of innovation also led Castrol to develop products with very real performance benefits for Australian conditions, developing diesel engine oils capable of withstanding 80.000km drain intervals even under grueling the harsh conditions of the outback. 

As much as things changed, some things remained the same with Castrol Australia backing Greg Murphy and Rick Kelly's Holden Commodore V in back to back Bathurst 1000 victories in 2003 and 2004.