Castrol SmartGains

There’s no single solution to every challenge. But simple, inter-connected interventions can add up to deliver significant value.

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Castrol SmartGains is our unique systematic approach to relentlessly pursue improvements that deliver new operational efficiencies and mitigate future risks for your business. 
The 3 step cyclic process unlocks opportunities to deliver measurable advantages that are verified by the customer.

Working together, we’ll find opportunities to deliver gains in your business across 3 key areas:

Asset Optimisation

  • Helping you maximise the operation and productivity of your asset

Risk Mitigation

  • Preventing unnecessary costs and delays during build and operation to ensure safe, high performing assets

Supply Chain Effectiveness

  • Optimising what you order and when to ensure reliable supply in a cost-effective manner



Our SmartGains experts are never satisfied with one improvement. They’re always looking for the next one.