Castrol Bio Range products have been created for a range of applications where leakages may present an environmental risk

From containing costs to meeting environmental legislation, we understand the pressure your industry faces. That’s why we engineer lubricating products to perform at high levels even under demanding conditions. Our constant innovation helps reduce the environmental impact of spills and leaks from stern tubes, thrusters, bearings, hydraulic systems and deck machinery. 

Castrol BioBar, BioStat and BioTac are rigorously tested using industry standards for bioaccumulation, toxicity and biodegradability. The entire BioStat, BioBar and BioTac product ranges are registered under OSPAR and meet the US 2013 VGP criteria for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). This means you can be extra confident that the world-class products from Castrol truly suit your needs.