Environmentally Responsible Open Gear Lubricant 2007 OSPAR Compliant With No Substitutable Components

Castrol BioTac OG is an environmentally responsible open gear lubricant formulated to reduce the impact on the marine environment – either where the lubricant is deliberately placed in contact with the marine environment such as rack and pinion gearing on the legs of jack-up drilling rigs, or where there is a risk of spill or leakage from anchor winches or other deck machinery.

Our Liquid Engineers matched the performance characteristics of the best available traditional lubricants with new additive technologies to create BioTac OG. The thickener structure is highly resistant to water washing and provides outstanding corrosion protection and its high load carrying performance reduces wear on pinion teeth and guides. 

BioTac OG has proven environmental credentials, it is OSPAR compliant with no substitutable components and all components are either Green (PLONOR*) or Yellow in Norway. It exceeds US EPA toxicity requirements** and passes US EPA static sheen test.

* PLONOR – Pose Little or No Risk to the Environment (OSPAR definition)

** As specified in the NPDES permit GMG29000 for subsea production control fluids