Refrigeration Systems

Protect your valuable cargo with our range of refrigeration lubricants for air conditioning systems

Our Liquid Engineers are well placed to advise you about the product ranges we have designed to help you to improve refrigeration and air conditioning onboard, without harming the environment. 

Castrol Aircol SW works with environmentally responsible Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants. Enhanced hydrolytic stability helps promote product life compared to conventional mineral based lubricants, while helping increase reliability and reduce costs. 

Efficient cooling and return of lubricant to the compressor is engineered into our products, aiding smooth, trouble-free operation. And, because we are dedicated to improving performance and reliability we offer a range of products to suit whichever technology you use: from screw-type compressors to air-conditioning plants using HCFC refrigerants and systems where very low evaporator temperatures are required.

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