Gas Compressors

We offer lubricants that enable the safe and efficient operation of gas compressor installations

Our Liquid Engineers work at the forefront of technology in the marine sector. We are committed to sharing expert knowledge on products to lubricate compressors that handle a wide range of hydrocarbon and chemical gases. Ultimately, our products and advice can help improve operational performance and enhance the reliability of your gas compressors.

Castrol Aircol PG185 offers low hydrocarbon solubility to ensure cylinder liners are protected against scuffing and wear. This helps boost the reliability of your marine operations. It can be used with a range of LPG, LNG hydrocarbon and chemical gases such as butadiene, methane, ethane and propane. Formulated using synthetic oils, Castrol Aircol PG185 ensure a high thermal stability level in order to prevent polymerisation and the formation of gums and resins.

Whatever your requirement, we can help you select the right product. 

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