Castrol BioTac MP

Castrol BioTac MP helps you protect on-deck equipment and meet the challenges of environmental regulations

With our knowledge and practical experience of working with on-deck equipment, Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have developed BioTac MP. This high-performance, multi-purpose, environmentally responsible grease is suitable for use on wire ropes, plain bearings, open gears, marine mooring and cargo winches, ramp door bearings, pedestal bearing, cargo-hatch rollers and other slow-/medium-speed marine-deck applications.

BioTac offers more than protection from wear and corrosion, it also helps you reduce downtime and extend periods between maintenance. Its white colour means that BioTac stains less and reveals more, making visual inspection for contamination quicker and easier.

We also know it’s important that you attempt to limit the environmental impact of your on-deck lubricants and our Liquid Engineers are constantly working on ways to help you meet your goals. BioTac MP offers superior marine biodegradation, significantly reduced toxicity to marine crustaceans and reduced levels of components with the potential to bioaccumulate* when compared to a conventional mineral oil based grease. BioTac MP grease is also formulated predominantly from renewable materials. Castrol BioTac MP is OSPAR registered and fully compliant with the US 2013 VGP.

This short video demonstrates how you can protect your deck, equipment and environment with BioTac MP, and you can download our Protection Performance Comparison for more information. Protect More with Castrol Biotac MP

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* Using OSPAR criteria for assessing bioaccumulation potential of components